Dixons is reborn

  simonjary 13:16 24 Jun 2010

Not sure whether we'll see it back on the high street but Dixons is back.

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(Bizarre naming fact in story above)

  canarieslover 13:36 24 Jun 2010

I thought they dropped it because of the bad trading name that it had become. It seems silly to revert to it again, or do they suppose people have short memories?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:39 24 Jun 2010

'or do they suppose people have short memories?'..of course people do, just observe at any General Election or major sporting event.


  Big L 266 15:12 24 Jun 2010


I remember Dixons at Wood Green in London back in the days of hi-fi cassette players. The wow and flutter were so bad I had to take the player back more times than I could ever remember. Each time it came back supposedly repaired.Each time I got it home it hadn't. Needless to say I never touched Dixons shops ever again after this now some 30-odd years ago. Pass the meds! I've had a bout of deja vu!

Now if it were Golden Wonder.....

Big L 266

  colberly 16:36 24 Jun 2010

How odd the Dixons store in our local town has never gone away and is still trading.

  the hick 17:14 24 Jun 2010

Dixons! - anyone else remember their graphic Equalisers with all those sliders to fiddle about with? Wish I still had mine!

  Big L 266 17:17 24 Jun 2010


the hick....Oh yes I remember graphic equalisers and sliders to fiddle around with to get the best sound. Strangely, my Asus Xonar soundcard and Winamp Pro have exactly the same thing....but this time on a screen!

Bring back 8 track, metal c90 cassettes and Betamax!

Big L 266

  BT 17:20 24 Jun 2010

The name may have disappeared from the high street but they have always had an online presence

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  ronalddonald 18:05 24 Jun 2010

i liked the name Dixons better than Curry's. And remember the old high street dixons many ears ago what a classic, staff were more friendlier, but staff in curry's sounds like a curry house

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