Ditch Internet Explorer Now

  zootmo 13:42 01 Aug 2004

I saw this on the front cover of this months Pc Answers magazine.Inside the Editor continues "Yet another critical flaw has been discovered in I.E. this time allowing malicious code to be installed on your machine... the code allows keyloggers to trap your credit card details and other personal data...it marks a step upo in attack on private Pcs" The editor then urges his readers to dump I.E and replace it with Mozilla Firefox. Anyone wish to comment? N.B. anybody who feels they need to check their browsers security pop over to click here for free assessment.

  powerless 14:00 01 Aug 2004

Nahhh i'll stick with IE.

As Mozillas software is now being used more because of IE's problems. Flaws, Exploits are now being found in the Mozilla range because more people are finding things that are...wrong.

This is what happens.

In Mozillas favour they seem to fix things alot faster.

  Forum Editor 16:49 01 Aug 2004

turn out to consist of a small nugget of truth wrapped up in a good deal of vivid imagination.

Fact: All browsers have vulnerabilities - make Firefox the world's most-used browser and you would see the same stories, only this time they would urge you to switch to Internet Explorer. The truth is that the people who look for and exploit vulnerabilities are going to go for the biggest target. Firefox users currently represent a tiny target compared to IE, which is why they have been lulled into a false sense of security.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:28 01 Aug 2004

I assume you are not doing home-working for GCHQ? This article is just utter rubbish and paranoia. Even IF your CC details were stolen you would be well covered. With all these scare stories and 'what if' stories one would imagine that every home computer would be hacked to hell and back and every CC maxed out by nefarious individuals and all personal bank accounts being bled dry. I feel that these are not the cases.


  zootmo 20:20 02 Aug 2004

Note, that these are not my words but a quote from a Pc magazine. You are quite entitled to your opinions, but so are other people. How do you know that CC details are not stolen or personal files compromised? Obviously the Editor of this particular magazine felt strongly that his readers security was at risk and that is why he was recommending that they ditched I.E.

You seem to regularly add comments such as "this article is utter rubbish and paranoia" in your postings let's try to be a little more constructive in our replies shall we.

If this Editor is/was wrong let us all know why, with fully supporting arguments. Don't just rubbish postings because of how you happen to feel, expand our knowledge,let us know why you believe he was wrong.

N.B. A regular look at the help room topics would seem to indicate that computer security generally is not as robust as you so regularly assert!

  Bourbon Rovers 12:58 03 Aug 2004

I use Opera and haven't looked back. It is much, much easier to use.

  powerless 23:15 03 Aug 2004
  rupie 23:55 03 Aug 2004

IE6 will always be a target. I use Opera, because it gives more infomation, but is slightly harder to use. My kids use IE6 because they could not use Opera. No system is perfect.faults will be found in any system and as for CC fraud; you give your ccard to a waiter in a resturant and the walk off with it for 5 minutes. This is a bigger threat to fraud than the internet

  Andybear 14:19 04 Aug 2004

I've been using IE for years and have shopped on line loads of times with a credit card. No problems so far - touch wood, my head'll do :-)

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