Distrct Nurses

  morddwyd 15:14 25 Oct 2012

The District Nurse has just been to give some treatment to my wife, and it occurred to me that they are about the one thing that has remained constant in an ever changing health environment.

Always there when needed, always cheerful, always local and operating wherever the patient happens to live.

None of your pristine premises with all the latest gadgets, just good old fashioned, hands on, round the bed, nursing skills, using whatever can be carried upstairs.

She even turned up on foot this time, instead of in a car!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:29 25 Oct 2012

"The District Nurse" in England is now a "Health Assistant" according to a friend that still works for the NHS :0)

  Aitchbee 15:48 25 Oct 2012

I affectionately remember her from my boyhood [the district nurse], as the "Green Lady".

  Aitchbee 15:56 25 Oct 2012

...and they always wore sensible shoes.

  Forum Editor 15:56 25 Oct 2012

*Fruit Bat /\0/*

According to the NHS website they're still called District Nurses, and long may it continue - they have a long and distinguished history

  sunnypete 17:40 25 Oct 2012

Had to Google Dodie Smith's Dear Octopus...

  BT 17:50 25 Oct 2012

Around here they are known as Community Nurses.

During my recent Prostate problem I had to have a Catheter, and when the time came for it to be changed the Community Nurse who came to do it had problems with the new one, and called for assistance. I ended up with three of them crowded around me fiddling with my 'bits', which caused great hilarity among my wife's friends when she related the incident. There were comments such as 'You should have sold tickets'

  john bunyan 19:07 25 Oct 2012


Just got rid of a similar appendage. I could have done without the reminder, and wish they could knock one out to do the procedure!! On another thread folk talked of the fluid intake/ output. Overnight I seem to have produced 2 litres! Thank God to have it gone! Sorry to spoil peoples supper!

  finerty 01:03 26 Oct 2012

Oh Darn i'm being sexist sure the nurse didnt park down the road

  Condom 08:39 26 Oct 2012

It doesn't really matter what they are called, it just matters that they are still there doing their good work. They actually have different names in different parts of the country and there are now many who are specialised in areas like Maternity or Elderly care. Believe it or not they are still receiving parking tickets despite showing official Nurse On Call stickers inside their cars. Care in the Community is normally preferable and a lot cheaper that hospital care.

  interzone55 09:29 26 Oct 2012

My ex-mother-in-law was a district nurse, one of the surgeries she worked out of was a now notorious surgery in Hyde. She never trusted him...

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