Distant banging noise at night

  bumpkin 14:57 06 Jan 2017

I live fairly close to Heathrow and also the new rail link but rarely get any noise of any concern fortunately. Recently, last month or so I have noticed a banging sound in the middle of the night, not enough to wake me but just audible if I happen to be awake. It can go on for hours but not really a nuisance, I am just curious as to what it is. Pile driving was my first thought but the bangs seem only about 1sec apart which is not how I remember it. Any ideas.

  Old Deuteronomy 15:05 06 Jan 2017

Moles with sledgehammers...

  bumpkin 15:30 06 Jan 2017

So you think it may be tunneling.

  Sapins 15:42 06 Jan 2017

Moles are trained to do fracking

  bumpkin 16:08 06 Jan 2017

I haven't got any fracking moles.

  tullie 17:04 06 Jan 2017

Check neighbors gate,maybe not secure in the wind.

  bumpkin 18:38 06 Jan 2017

A sensible suggestion tullie, I had not considered anything as simple as that. I have just checked my own recently fitted one which is bolted but still has some movement so I have wedged it now. I have a feeling you have hit the nail on the head (pun)

  bumpkin 19:09 06 Jan 2017

Well! having spoken to my son he says that he heard it while staying with a friend about a mile and a half away and that his friend was told it was something to do with Cross Rail.

  Forum Editor 20:57 06 Jan 2017

It could well be a pile hammer, but it's difficult to say without hearing it. In any case, it should not be happening in the middle of the night.

A blow rate of an impact every second is not usual, but again, it's very difficult to make informed guesses.

If it's a nuisance, you might want to contact CrossRail. The project operates a noise mitigation scheme. Contact them by emailing: [email protected]

  bumpkin 21:32 06 Jan 2017

*A blow rate of an impact every second is not usual. *

That was my thought but I am not familiar with modern piling techniques. As I said, it is not a nuisance and tullies suggestion sounded more likely until I found that it had been heard by others over a mile away. Some kind of third party explanation was apparently rendered by the council saying it could not be done during daytime due to the tracks being used but that is only hear say.

  Old Deuteronomy 21:36 06 Jan 2017

On the other hand, if it is moles, Jasper Carrot might be able to help.

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