Dissapearing posts?

  Colin 07:52 30 Apr 2007

I have noticed that at least 2 posts that I have contributed to have been taken off Speaker's Corner. I e-mailed the FE about one of them, but got no reply. I assume they descended into unacceptable content, but wouldn't it be a good idea if people who have posted were told about this rather than the posts just being deleted??

  €dstowe 07:59 30 Apr 2007

The forum rules are quite clear as to what is and is not acceptable and to the way the forum is run.

If you have the slightest suspicion that you post goes against the forum rules, what can you expect?

By your own admission: "I assume they descended into unacceptable content" you already considered that deletion was a possibility so why are you surprised at the outcome?

  Colin 08:25 30 Apr 2007

€dstowe, you've missed my point. I don't think that have I posted anything unacceptable. I think the unacceptable posts appeared between me last posting and the next time I looked at the post. Not everyone who has posted to a deleted post were responsible for the post being deleted.

  €dstowe 08:47 30 Apr 2007

I don't think I've missed the point.

If you made a post where you anticipated that there would be replies with "unacceptable content" (your words) then the only thing to be done is delete the whole thread to remove any further possibility of that happening.

Obviously I'm not trying to do the FE's job for him, I'm just indicating a possible reason for the thread to disappear.

  wee eddie 08:54 30 Apr 2007

The cause is usually that they become irrevocably compromised and just deleting a couple of postings is unlikely to remove the source of aggravation.

As you are still here and have not received a wigging from God, you can be sure that your contribution was unlikely to have been at fault.

  Colin 08:58 30 Apr 2007

I didn't anticipate anything - I'm just assuming. When I left the post there was nothing to indicate that it would be deleted. I agree that unacceptable posts must be deleted, but I think the postees, both good and bad, should be told.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:05 30 Apr 2007

What threads are you referring to? I am unaware of any posts disappearing but if they did ir is not the end of the world and there would be no point informing any contributors as this would just increase the workload. I'm sure that contributors would find out when they could not find the post in 'my postings'.


  wee eddie 09:08 30 Apr 2007

Checked in "My Postings" etc.

I don't think that FE has deleted many threads lately, but if you look in the "Rules & Regulations" you will see that He can do so without reference to anyone else and there is no option to debate the reasons for his decision.

  [email protected] 09:25 30 Apr 2007

colin i FULLY understand the fustration that youve got this has happened to me before i must say though if its any help to you i assumed that it was deleted then i got quite anoyed but after looking by searching on "Your postings" which is at the top of the page under your username i located it..i hope this helps :-)

  laurie53 09:35 30 Apr 2007

Lots of my deathless prose (Well, at least some!) has disappeared into that big recycle bin in the sky. Sometimes I had no idea why, sometimes I knew I was sailing close to the wind.

Frustrating, and maybe puzzling, at the time, but if I really objected I'd go elsewhere.

  Colin 10:07 30 Apr 2007

I've checked in "Your Postings" but it's not there. The post last night was about someone getting a new monitor. Gandalf contributed to it. Gandalf - do you know the one I'm referring to?

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