Disrespectful advert by Sainsbury’s, opinions vary.

  Blackhat 11:01 15 Nov 2014

I started watching this advert and wondered what it was advertising, then the caption of sharing came up followed by Sainsbury’s logo. My immediate reaction was that’s not right, how can a company like Sainsbury’s or any other make use of WW1 events to promote themselves, especially as we are remembering the centenary of the start of the war this year.

Here is some reaction, 240 complaints so far.


Anyone else seen this or have any opinions?

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  spuds 11:39 15 Nov 2014

I suppose if you are in marketing, then its going to be impossible to please everyone.

In the case of this particular video, which I have yet to see on the television, it might a few different meanings, and perhaps reminders are not a bad thing, of actual event that may have taken place.

The point I suppose, is whether this advert will increase Sainsburys sales, which I doubt it will. Adverts certainly don't make my household opinions different, but the price and product does.

  morddwyd 12:08 15 Nov 2014

On the other side of the coin, Sainsbury ran a "round your bill up" campaign, which, only from personal observation, seemed very successful, where the amount rounded up went to the poppy appeal.

I did it several times, as did many friends, and I saw several people who, when offered a poppy, said they already had one.

  john bunyan 14:31 15 Nov 2014

Perhaps the Shiites and ISIS fighters should play football at Ede....

  Forum Editor 15:40 15 Nov 2014

I think the ad is fine, and so (as Algerian peter ™ says) does the British legion.

  Quickbeam 18:34 15 Nov 2014

First time I've seen it.

I think anything that makes people give a questioning thought for human futility, then or now isn't so bad.

  Aitchbee 19:53 15 Nov 2014

I don't think that this advert would go down that well in Germany where previous wars are not commemorated like wot they are in Britain; and furthermore, Sainsbury's ad men are scraping-the-barrel with this one one, in my opinion.

  Forum Editor 13:12 16 Nov 2014


"Sainsbury's ad men are scraping-the-barrel with this one one, in my opinion"

Like a lot of other people you seem to have totally missed the point.

The ad sends a message of peace and goodwill by illustrating a unique event - one that is said to have happened on Christmas day. There are conflicting stories about it, and there's no conclusive evidence for or against, but what is certainly true is that on Christmas day there were many incidents of British and German troops declaring an impromptu and unofficial truce, during which soldiers met in no-man's land and exchanged greetings and gifts.

The Sainsburys ad, which was - as has been said - made with the full approval of the Royal British Legion, is about the triumph of the human spirit in the face of appalling adversity. Men temporarily abandoned strife in recognition of a common faith. It was inspiring, and the ad simply reflects that, using the football match story.

  morddwyd 15:54 16 Nov 2014

"in Germany where previous wars are not commemorated like wot they are in Britain; "

In my experience they are, that is why I wear in remembrance an Afrika Corps badge which was presented to me at such a ceremony, a happening recounted with tremendous pride by an uncle who was a Desert Rat, and why, I suspect, at least one member of this forum is an honorary member of a Navy Kameradenschaft.

Some of the most moving and evocative war memorials I have ever seen I saw in Germany.

  Flak999 18:45 16 Nov 2014

Forum Editor

"I think the ad is fine, and so (as Algerian peter ™ says) does the British legion."

I agree completely, I found it quite heart warming to be honest!

  Aitchbee 19:05 16 Nov 2014

It chills my heart to the marrow to think that the carnage of war can be twisted into a Christmas advert. [I've posted it before but it's worth another airing, I reckon.

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