Disposal of plastic waste and litter

  Tammy34 10:17 28 Jan 2018

As plastics are a by-product of refined oil I assume that they are flammable and therefor could be incinerated to produce electricity. Is this possible in a clean burn incinerator?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:33 28 Jan 2018

See my answer to your post in speakers corner You cannot "clean burn" plastic.

  Forum Editor 10:37 28 Jan 2018

Burning plastics produce large quantities of highly toxic dioxins. Apart from that, incineration is an expensive and inefficient process.

In general terms, recycling waste plastic is far better in environmental terms than incinerating it. When you incinerate plastic, you are left with a good deal of residue (called bottom ash), and this contains toxic substances - mainly Cadmium and lead. levels of Cadmium in bottom ash are generally twice the limit permitted for landfill disposal, and that creates a big problem - where do you put huge quantities of toxic ash?

So no, incinerating plastics as a means of generating electricity isn't viable.

  Forum Editor 10:39 28 Jan 2018

This topic belongs in Speakers Corner rather then Tech Helproom - I am moving it now.

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