Disposal of old cans of paint......what do you do?

  Bazzaman 12:17 01 Sep 2016

I have a fair selection of old cans of paint to dispose of.

The local council dump (Sutton, Surrey) does not have facilities for this (they will take old water based paints that have solidified). They hand out leaflets for a free Hazardous Waste Collection Service operated by the City of London (for those not in the know, in simple terms the City of London is the authority for the Square Mile as opposed to the Greater London Authority [which covers 607 square miles] and the individual London borough authorities). This service is fair enough, but seems very inefficient in terms of going out to individual households to collect a few items. Would make much more sense if the local council dumps would take the waste and the City of London collects periodically from the council dumps.

Now this all sets me wondering what do others do. I would think that the vast majority just put such cans of paint in their non-recyclable rubbish.

And what do tradesmen (painters, decorators etc.) do. I can see that an awful lot goes into skips and just goes to landfill. Again, seems like a damn good argument for the council dumps to act as collection points for the City of London service.

  lotvic 17:30 04 Sep 2016

Hmm that's decided then - I'll have a go at painting inside walls of garage :)

  JYPX 20:16 04 Sep 2016

I try never to throw paint away. Unfortunately a couple of tins have been in my garage for so long that the lids have rusted at the edge. I am going to try and transfer the contents into a small jam jar. I realise that paint on both the lid and the rim of the jar will kill that storage idea..... :)

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