Display mobile phones Advice pls?

  Autoschediastic 11:19 31 May 2011

Hello i have just bought eight "Display phones" off Ebay by mistake, the seller gave me second chance offer cause what he has done is put the advert as if they are REAL phones and not empty carcasses? his advert is VERY misleading and so easy to misunderstand, he has 100% positive feedback and so do i, but ive been left with eight no good to me carcasses from some very nice phones? i have no use for them and i dont want to cancel and have him give me negative feedback,

Does anyone know what i can do with them? they are new unused and my only thought was if they are real cases that the same phones are if it is possible to open them i could sell the cases on ebay?

Any ideas pls?

  Chegs ®™ 11:27 31 May 2011

As you have the option to comment on feedback,why not just cancel & if you get bad feedback,explain why.

  n47. 11:30 31 May 2011

Email the person and explain you thought they were complete phones and ask if you could cancel the deal. That way neither of you would get negative feedback. If it's a no go. Then.

Unless you have paid a lot of money for them. I would resell them one at a time with full description and cut your losses. That way you both retain 100% feed back.

  Quickbeam 12:06 31 May 2011

Well, they do say there's no such thing as a free lunch.

  Covergirl 12:25 31 May 2011

If he's selling them with a misleading description, they are likely no use to him or anyone else as replacement cases.

Either way, I think you'll probably find there is something in his advert that will absolve him, in which case it's Caveat Emptor - although the price should probably have told you that they are just dummies.

Was it a BIN or were you bidding against other similarly mislead punters?

If the price is disproportionate to the worth and you feel the advert was misleading, appeal.

  Autoschediastic 13:00 31 May 2011

HI guys thanks for the replies, He basically described them as:

  • Perfect for someone with a phone shop or new starter.

*All phones are new never been used on display.

*There are various models as seen in the picture.

*If you would like more information of models please email me.

  wee eddie 14:09 31 May 2011

"Hello I have just bought eight "Display phones" off Ebay by mistake, *the seller gave me second chance offer cause what he has done is put the advert as if they are REAL phones and not empty carcasses?"

Does this highlighted bit mean that you bought the phones, out-with eBay?

  Autoschediastic 14:20 31 May 2011

wee eddie yes ive bought them, still not sure what to do! he wont accept a cancellation? so i am stuck with them? not sure what to do with them when i get them? BTW i got them for just £10...

  gengiscant 14:59 31 May 2011

If you only paid a tenner,put it down to experience. If you were foolish enough to believe that you were being sold 8 mobile phones for £10 then I think you are either very naive or very stupid. I apologise for my bluntness.

  Autoschediastic 15:35 31 May 2011

gengiscant no insult taken lol well the guy has sold these b4 and like ive stated he has 100% posative feedback..oh well thanks

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