Dispatches landlords from hell (Meridian Foundation)

  Autoschediastic 09:00 17 Jul 2011

Good morning everyone!

Ive been meaning to watch this for a few days & having just finished it i am appalled that so called companies like "Meridian Foundation" are STILL operating?

Houses in such a state they should be boarded up? if you google them it dont take an Einstein to find what can only be described as TERRIBLE & appalling personal reviews from "Meridian Foundation" own customers! Classed and running as a "Charity"??

WHY is our goverment/councils not forcing Slumlords like these down? & revoking their licence permanently from them? It has to take a tv program to expose such companies like these for any manor of action! is there anyone in the councils interested in the volume of people complaining about the Meridian Foundation or does it always fall on deaf ears?

Watch the program here speaks volumes!


  sunnystaines 10:41 17 Jul 2011

watched it too, and agree these landlords should get heavy fines.

  spuds 12:43 17 Jul 2011

I stated on a previous thread about this program, before it went on air, when one of our forum members was having landlord problems.

From the days of Rachman and a few others, the government provided guidelines to councils in respect of how to deal with this problem. But as usual the council's have come back with the usual lack of resources and funding excuses, and this is more so nowadays. I think the program showed that, by the response rates from the council's approached by the producer's of the program.

With regards to this particular company, the program did mention that the company had a charitable status, and it was for the Charities Commission to investigate any possible wrongdoings. The company was also using its name in a non-charity status, and dividing the two, appeared to be a problem.

With the shortage of affordable homes, and council's turning over their properties to housing associations and the like, what do you expect. Where there is money to be made, anything can happen, and usually does. The sadness about all this, is the sufferer suffers even more, and as very little help in seeking justice.

  JYPX 12:49 17 Jul 2011

"WHY is our goverment/councils not forcing Slumlords like these down?"

The recent BBC documentary Poor Kids was about children living in appalling mould/damp ridden houses/flats. To the best of my knowledge they were Council properties....

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