The Disolution of Parliament

  Quickbeam 14:21 14 May 2010

in mid fixed term.

I don't see a problem with these proposals, but Labour and the Tory old guard dinosaurs see a major problem in it click here

One thing that Hague said a lot of over the weekend, was that the last year of Labours term was ineffective as they were all expecting a dissolution at the drop of a hat. The fixed 5 year term will bring about planning stability, and if a government is really so bad, the 55% required for a no-confidence shouldn't be too much of a problem, whilst safeguarding from frivolous no-confidence votes.

  natdoor 17:09 14 May 2010

Volnteering to give up his right to call an election at a time of his choosing which, of course, would not need any legislation is one thing. To change the constitution so that a 55% vote against the government is required to force an election is an entirely different matter. It was not in a manifesto and should be subject to a referendum in my opinion. Should a situation arise in which a vote of no cofidence was carried with less than 55%, it is highly likely that the government would then be prevented from enacting anything. Typical Eton Mess.

  spuds 17:14 14 May 2010

The 'Whips' might have a busy time!.

  Quickbeam 17:42 14 May 2010

If 55% is so bad, then why did Labour think 66% was right for the Scottish parliament?

Also from the above link,
"This dissolution vote, the 55% for a dissolution, is not the same as, for a vote of confidence."

  Forum Editor 19:25 14 May 2010

"This dissolution vote, the 55% for a dissolution, is not the same as, for a vote of confidence."

Precisely. It has always been the case that a vote of no-confidence is something that overrides everything - it's the trump card if you like, and as far as I can see that should still be the case.

  WhiteTruckMan 19:58 14 May 2010

that the real reason they are looking at this is so that one part of the coalition cannot simply 'bail out' and force an election on the other.

Hardly the basis for a trustworthy partnership, is it.

Coincidentally, if they are planning to pull the wool over peoples eyes then they are going to need an awful lot of wool.

click here

Coincidence? Probably, but if there's one thing this election has taught me is not to underestimate the ruthlessness of the minions.


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