Disk checking & defragmenting

  Dragon_Heart 21:53 29 Jul 2010

When HD’s were about 40 to 100 Gb in size the question of checking them for errors or defraging them was not too great a problem. Now with 1 to 3 Tb drives the process takes far, far longer.

OK I know you can partition up these larger drives, in fact it is safer to do so, but you can take all night to check a large drive.

What are the HD manufacturers going to do about it ?

  sunnystaines 22:10 29 Jul 2010

set to defrag or chkdsk before going to bed so its done overnight.

i think the paid for disk keeper does live defrag as you work, some defrags are quicker than others i use "jk dmydefrag" a free one quiet happy with it. read the notes on the link about defrag read "how it works" and FAQ's

click here

  john bunyan 22:20 29 Jul 2010

I find Auslogics Disc Defrag quicker than MS

  Strawballs 22:49 29 Jul 2010

Norton 360 does disc defrag during idle times as well as registry clean.

  Covergirl 12:31 30 Jul 2010

. . . you appeared to get a visual representation of how your HDD was stacked (so to speak) and I heard good advice (I think it was good anyway) in as much as:

Firstly defrag the HDD then delete and reset your swap file to a permanent fixed size. The swap file then sat in a full contiguous mass instead of being spread about all over the place - rather as if it had been defragged as well.

I t hink it's just about impossible to do this these days with the new improved defragger.

However, defragging a disk regularly, although it is much touted, can't (I think) really improve read speeds much surely? What would be the speed increase gained from a 6 month old never defragged drive to a freshly defragged drive? Something in the manner of miliseconds ? ? ? Well, that's going to save me a lot of time or what?
Therefore my defrags are few and far between these days.

Someone put me right as I'm obviously well deluded.

  bjh 12:38 30 Jul 2010

It's far, far less important to regularly defrag an NTFS-formatted drive than a FAT32 one . It's not that it never needs doing, but it's not as intensive a task to do it when it is needed.

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