Dishwasher salt sold out

  Graham. 23:01 26 Jan 2010

I've been trying the supermarkets for days, no dishwasher salt on the shelves. Surely it's not all been spread on driveways?

  Forum Editor 23:10 26 Jan 2010

in dishwashers yes, it has.

  Graham. 23:13 26 Jan 2010

I'm depressed now. My dishwasher will go all furry.

  onionskin 23:17 26 Jan 2010

I got some from Aldi last week, though they had sold out of the tablets - people have been using them as cat litter.

  Graham. 23:19 26 Jan 2010

Yes, I saw that.

  peter99co 23:19 26 Jan 2010

I heard people had used cat litter instead of salt on their driveways.

  onionskin 23:27 26 Jan 2010

With next door's cats, I didn't want to risk it.

  Strawballs 04:14 27 Jan 2010

No problem with it at my local ASDA

  bri-an 08:03 27 Jan 2010

Why not just buy some 'Fairy Liquid' (the mild green kind of course), pull on the Marigold's, get a photogenic child, and relive the old days!!

  morddwyd 08:19 27 Jan 2010

Why not move to a soft water area!

  Monoux 08:35 27 Jan 2010

Graham. -- "I'm depressed now. My dishwasher will go all furry."

Wear it as a coat it will keep you nice and warm :o)

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