Dishwasher advicerequired.

  m800afc 17:48 17 Dec 2008

I'm sorry to have to ask this august forum a non computer question, but my dishwasher has stopped working. I know I am unable to repair it, but having had an engineer round to look at it I'm sure he doesn't want to. He has declared the machine is beyond economic repair.

The machine is a Whirlpool ADP 4501/5 Dishwasher. The machine does nothing when it is turned on, I have checked power, and water supply and they are both OK. The light on the front flashes in a sequence of four flashes, which I believe is error code f4.

I am not trying to deprive a tradesman of work, but I would like an explanation of what f4 is actually indicating as my engineer said he didn't know. This information is usually in code books purchased by engineers, to which I (probably rightly)have no access.

If it cannot be repaired economically, I will have to buy a new one.

  John B 17:58 17 Dec 2008
  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:04 17 Dec 2008

F4. 4 Flashes. Draining failure. Drain pump, control board OWI or water indicator defect.

Most likely cause is a block drain or drain pump failure.

  m800afc 18:07 17 Dec 2008

John B,
Thanks for the suggestions. I looked at many of the sites on Sunday morning. Most of the sites are either trade only subscription services, or they are advertising the sale of code books. I did manage to glean that f4 was associated with either the internal pressure/flow switch, or a sensor on the outlet valve.
The engineer mentioned neither of these, but said it was probably the CPU board, (£200.00), or the main pump, (£160.00), or both. Plus fitting!!
I just want to learn what f4, actually indicates.

  m800afc 18:09 17 Dec 2008

Thanks Fruit Bat /\0/\.
So is it beyond economic repair?

  m800afc 18:11 17 Dec 2008

Sorry, forgot to mention.
Water does flow out of the machine by gravity, but obviously there is no power to the pump.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:31 17 Dec 2008

Check the drain pipe is clear, they get blocked with sediment.
If you find and clear a blockage then Hold start button down for about 10 seconds to clear fault code and re-start cycle.

Manual click here

PArts click here about half the price quoted.

  egapup 18:34 17 Dec 2008

I had trouble with my dishwasher and found the answer on the net, amazingly, it was tipping the machine back 45 degrees, worked a treat.

  oldbeefer2 18:53 17 Dec 2008

An article about the pumps fitted to this dishwasher click here

  Legolas 19:00 17 Dec 2008

From your thread title I thought you wanted advice about your other half.

Tin hat on and awaiting incoming missiles ;))

  Bapou 19:07 17 Dec 2008

We have had the same dishwasher in our home for 54 years, without any problems, me!

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