Dishwasher Advice?

  Uboat 21:15 03 Mar 2011

FE i wasnt sure if this is a help room thread?

WE have a Whirlpool dishwasher and in the last two weeks its been stinking! and the pots are not getting cleaned throughly?

we use only the best tablets & i wanted to know if anyone could advice me on whats wrong or what to do please?



  birdface 21:27 03 Mar 2011

I know very little about dishwashers except they have a trap in the bottom that has to be cleaned occasionally.
I have had the same dishwater for nearly 44 years and have had no problems with it.
She also does the cooking etc.
There must be something you can use to clean out the waste pipe probably a small dose of soda crystals might do the trick maybe used once a week.
No doubt someone that has a dishwasher can give you the proper information that you need.

  STREETWORK 21:38 03 Mar 2011

What you have is a build up of gunk in the pipes, pump and trap.

1. Open flap in front of washer and clean it out.
2. Pull washer away from the wall and clean out the outlet pipes
3. Tip washer on its side (carefully) if possible slightly supported on a sturdy object and take off the rubber hoses, clean and replace them.
4. Strip the grill/filter out from the bottom of the washer, this is inside where the plates go.

5. Soda crystals are a reasonable idea but may contaminate rubber pipework. A clean rinse after steps 1-4 should do it.

hmmm, smelling the roses already...

  john 52 21:44 03 Mar 2011

Try and clean the filter out at the bottom of the machine as buteman has suggested also try to add some salt and rinse aid as I find the combined tablets are not as good as separate salt and rinse aid .
You can buy dishwasher cleaner to run through your machine .
I would also check the machine is heating up the water !also it surprising if you pack your dishwasher not very well maybe something stopping the arms going round can effect how efficient the machine is .

Hope it helps Uboat

  john 52 21:48 03 Mar 2011

fourm member
It's possible that you have a build up of 'stuff' in the spray arms which means the nozzles are blocked. I have no idea where it comes from but I have to clean out the arms every few months.

Also, get one of those dishwasher cleaner things and give it a good clean.

Another thing we agree on fourm member this is getting a habit :-)

  Uboat 00:21 04 Mar 2011

Wow thankyou guys! it looks like the Marigolds are due out! lol
Il have a go in the morning cheers once again..


  Quickbeam 00:28 04 Mar 2011

Personally I still find it easier and quicker to just wash the dishes in the sink... the old fashioned way:)

  Dragon_Heart 01:34 04 Mar 2011

You could try this DIY clean click here

Some people do tend to use their dishwasher as a WDU but the above suggestions should solve your problem.

  Condom 01:45 04 Mar 2011

All the above will certainly help clear out the main water and waste pipes but your spray arms could very well be a build up of limescale especially if you live in a hard water area. Spray something like Gillit Bang Lime cleaner on the jets and then after 10 - 20 minutes give them a quick brush with a nailbrush and the jets should be clean enough to work again. I would also suggest that when everything is hunky dory again run the dishwasher empty with one of the proprietary dishwasher cleaners.

  morddwyd 08:50 04 Mar 2011

I use the proprietary cleaner process once a month, and dtop half a lemon into the dishwasher basket in a normal wash now and again, not specifically to time, but when we've had fish or some drinks and the old bits of lemon are about to go into the compost.

They still go into the compost, but after going through the dishwasher!

No problems in ten years so far.

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