Disaster Relief in Northern Iraq

  flycatcher1 19:38 10 Aug 2014

There is a human disaster happening in Iraq and what is the world doing ?

Very little! The EU with all its economic strength and hundreds of transport aircraftavailable in the component countries Air Forces have done nothing except the dispatch of two RAF C130s. The Herc is a really good workhorse but the effect of two will be like dropping peas in a football field.

I am a good supporter of the EU but they seem to be all mouth and no trousers. There are people dying out there who need help now not next year.

  spuds 19:53 10 Aug 2014


It just isn't Irag, but an whole host of other places that are in similar dire need.

What annoys me the most, is the US$ billions being spent on so called humanitarian aid, yet at the same time, as is the case in Iraq, (the western world or powerful natures) left the country in a mess, leaving the innocent to suffer further.

Who will be next, Afghanistan perhaps?.

  rdave13 20:38 10 Aug 2014

So any suggestions then Mr Mistoffelees ?

  rdave13 20:54 10 Aug 2014

Is that it then.

  Flak999 23:23 10 Aug 2014

Gentlemen, there is nothing other than this token gesture that the west is prepared to do. These are Iraqi citizens that are threatened and it is for Iraq to come to their aid.

Neither America or any other western country will commit the necessary forces to make any difference to these peoples plight. To put it bluntly they are probably all going to die! Either of thirst starvation or at the hands of the butchers of the Islamic State.

This is what awaits the people of the whole region unless the Iraqi army that has had millions of dollars spent on it stands it's ground and fights!

We all know they wont, they are a rag tag rabble of an army the same as most Arab armies, very good at murdering and oppressing civilian populations, useless when it comes to a real fight!

Bluntly, Iraq is finished!

  john bunyan 09:22 11 Aug 2014

In Iraq, little changes - see 1958 revolution

Once again we see people fleeing from their homes and religious and tribal hatred leading to extreme violence. The UK and USA keep trying to use military force in that country, and the last time it sparked off a long running war between the Shi'ites and the Sunni.

I suspect the ISIS , who are extreme Sunnis, are funded in part by people in Saudi Arabia, and they have been allowed to control the old Sunni areas of Iraq because the Iraq Government was very anti Sunni, and the army - trained and expensively equipped by the West, simply ran away from the fight.

Where are the Germans, French, Turks and sundry others who are closer to this tragedy and have more resources ? We have cut our defence spending to the bone, and the RAF can only supply a drop in the ocean of need. We did send RM troops to help the Kurds in Saddam Hussein's time and maybe that could be done again as part of an international force.

This needs a quick UN resolution and a huge humanitarian effort , possibly via Turkey to stop a massive tragedy.I cannot see Iraq surviving in its old borders , due to the intransigence of the present government and their anti Sunni policy.

  flycatcher1 10:06 11 Aug 2014

john bunyan Thank goodness for a balanced comment. This is not the time to argue the case of the what and wherefores in Iraq this is the time for action. I just cannot understand why the countries of the EU do not give any practical help in this dire situation.

They are rich, they have the aircraft, they have the supplies why don't they do something?

It looks as though the EU is just a self supporting talking shop.

  john bunyan 10:17 11 Aug 2014


If, and I have big reservations about it, we do get involved in this, the only military unit we have that is immediately ready to help would be 3 Commando Brigade. They showed in the Falklands their enormous logistic expertise - the Commando Logistic Regiment , in effect, supplied 2 brigades, and the terrain is known to that formation. However this should only be contemplated as part of a UN , EU , or Nato force. We must not get sucked in to having "boots on the ground" to fight someone else's war except with UN full approval.

I agree that the EU, on this issue, seems utterly useless, and those that favour "ever closer union" should be ashamed of their inaction.

  spuds 10:54 11 Aug 2014

"It looks as though the EU is just a self supporting talking shop."

And so is the United Nations.

Most of the incidents around the world could have been stopped, had the powers that be united. But when a armed force is sent, and their remit is to 'Observe Only', who do you have to blame?.

  flycatcher1 13:04 11 Aug 2014

john bunyan I do not think that we should be involved in any military action apart from the protection of possible Safe Havens. What I would like is for the hundreds of transport aircraft available in the EU to drop supplies to endangered civilians. If the transports have to be protected so be it but invade Iraq again - never.

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