Disadvantage of paying by Direct Debit.

  canarieslover 11:46 07 Jan 2018

Like many on this forum I elect to pay my utility bills by Direct Debit spread over the year to save on paper. Consequently I only get my statement/bill once a year, normally in March. I live very close to the Dartford Crossing on the Thames and qualify for a local residents discount scheme which now give me a problem. I have just changed my car and the crossing uses ANPR to determine the vehicle and I have a sensor in the car which identifies my car as being registered to the scheme. To enable me to change the vehicle that qualifies I now have to send them a scan of the log book and a copy of a utility bill less than three months old. All the utility bills I have are dated March 2017 as that saves on paperbills quarterly. I now have to wait until March for the next set of bills to come in to get one that is less than three months old. All this aggravation because I'm saving on paper.

  alanrwood 12:02 07 Jan 2018

Phone the utility company and ask for a bill or statement.

  Forum Editor 12:03 07 Jan 2018

I think you'll find that they will accept a copy of your driving licence and a bank account or credit card statement (that is less then 3 months old). If you use online banking you can print your own current statements.

  oresome 12:48 07 Jan 2018

In a similar vein I elected electronic notification of changes to tax code etc.

Since then with the introduction of 'improved' security features, I'm no longer able to access my Inland Revenue account to read the emails as I can't prove who I am. It doesn't stop them taxing me unfortunately.

I spent an entire afternoon trying to resolve it, but gave up after going round in circles several times.

  canarieslover 15:05 07 Jan 2018

FE - Driving Licence is required anyway, and they already have that scan. I can print off bank statements but they don't show my address yet my new log book does but they don't consider that proof enough. I shall just have to ring them as I am going round in circles on their Web site and they don't want to answer queries on there. Credit card is all dealt with online as well. I have gone through all my last year's paperwork and it is all due an annual statement in March.

  bumpkin 15:23 07 Jan 2018

alanrwoods suggestion would seem like the easiest option.

  BT 17:48 08 Jan 2018

I don't pay by DD but pay British Gas bills by online banking when I receive notification from them as to the amounts due. I can however get a copy of the bill if required by downloading from my account online and print it out or presumably if needed attach it to an email.

  canarieslover 21:47 09 Jan 2018

Finally managed to download sufficiently up to date utility bills to satisfy the requirements. Back on to the Dartford Crossing website, (a you.gov), and click through to change vehicle page. I select the options to point to the necessary files and click to upload them, then nothing appears to happen except to reset the page. No acknowledgement of receipt of documents and no confirmation email. I now lack faith in the website and print off hard copies and trust that the postman can do a better job . I've left feedback on the website but I can't see it doing any good though I did get a response on that action that they will get in touch within five days. I'm not holding my breath.

  Forum Editor 08:20 10 Jan 2018

The site is very heavily used, and vehicle changes must happen all the time - the chances are good that your documents were transferred.

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