Disabled man 'attacked in street' in Aberdare

  peter99co 15:38 04 Apr 2010

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He said he had severe chest pains and I thought he was dying. I said to the ambulance people 'you've got to come quickly'.

"They still said 'you will get an ambulance through but it might be an hour or two'.

That is digusting.
The fact a disabled man was involved is also disgusting.

Is this Normal ambulance waiting time?

  anchor 16:14 04 Apr 2010

Disgusting; Aberdare is not the back of beyond, so it would seem there is a severe lack of ambulance facilities in the area.

Perhaps the ambulance service would respond if questions were raised in Parliament. It is a matter of public concern to local people, not just to the family of the victim.

  spuds 19:45 04 Apr 2010

Ambulances that are on duty rostas, are usually dependent on information received. The less serious the case the operator thinks, the longer the wait.

Same applies to the police force at night, and especially the weekends.

They call it 'managing resources'.

  ronalddonald 20:24 04 Apr 2010


  Cymro. 10:59 05 Apr 2010

This happened in Wales and all maters relating to the health service in Wales including the ambulance service is now devolved to the Welsh Assembly Government in Cardiff. So when you say
"Perhaps the ambulance service would respond if questions were raised in Parliament".
I assume you mean the Welsh Assembly.

But whoever is responsible it is a disgrace and something I suspect that happens all too often whoever is to blame be in in Cardiff or London.

  Forum Editor 12:16 05 Apr 2010

any delay seems too long, and it's easy to understand why this man's mother panicked.

On the other hand.....

"He's very physically disabled and he's very vulnerable." says the mother. He has been in and out of hospital since he was a baby, has had a kidney transplant, and is on the waiting list for a heart and lung transplant.

I'm all for people being able to live life to the full, but I'm wondering if he was my son, would I be allowing him to go out and about with his mates in the early hours of a Saturday morning in Aberdare - a town that has a slightly higher violent crime rate than the Welsh average, and where local authorities have found it necessary to ban a number of known trouble-makers from entering the town centre.

The ambulance delay at that time of the night/morning may well be down to pressure on the service.

  Cymro. 12:27 05 Apr 2010

There is something in what you say but the mother can`t keep him in the house all the time. Perhaps the problem is more the crime and shortage of ambulance service in the town rather than the way the mother is looking after her son.

  zzzz999 12:33 05 Apr 2010

shouldn't we be howling from the rooftops about the thug that thought it appropriate to assault a disabled man

  egapup 16:41 05 Apr 2010

Thats right, it was his own fault and his stupid mother's for letting him out in the first place.

  spuds 18:52 05 Apr 2010

Harming a disabled or vulnerable person is not an unknown factor. I know of a number of cases in my hometown where partially sighted people will not use their 'white sticks', because of possible targeting.

In this particular posting, doesn't the link mention something that he went out with some friends, if so, where were they when this incident happened.

I have also known cases were the police have taken badly injured people to the local A&E hospital, if there are apparent long delays in ambulance attendance. But I suppose health and safety plus compensation have to be taken into consideration nowadays, before some takes a major initiative!.

A real sad world that we live in, yet never mind, isn't the government getting tough on crime, and making vast improvement to the NHS?.

  WhiteTruckMan 19:06 05 Apr 2010

on the first expenses fiddling MP *then* I'll believe the government is getting tough on crime!


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