Dirty pictures!

  Al94 11:31 30 Jul 2010

No not that sort! I've cleaned dust out of quite a few pc's but nothing quite on this scale click here

  ronalddonald 11:36 30 Jul 2010

Look at all that filth, The last three pictures cant be true

  ronalddonald 11:38 30 Jul 2010

I better looker under the hood.

  johndrew 11:40 30 Jul 2010

I gave mine a 'spring clean' recently and thought it was dirty. Compared to this lot it was sparkling clean. I wonder how it kept going - assuming it did - without catching fire.

  daytimers82 11:51 30 Jul 2010

Clean your PC every 3 to 4 months that's my motto for today

  daytimers82 11:52 30 Jul 2010

I once had a Toshiba laptop that caught fire, it overheated with out any warning.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:26 30 Jul 2010

Been given one or two PCs to "fix" that were in a similar state.

Seen a few spiders but not yet seen the mice or snack packets.

  zzzz999 12:53 30 Jul 2010

never have I been so disappointed in a thread title :-(

  daytimers82 15:45 30 Jul 2010

come rick cant be that bad its all about dust and spring cleaning.

  morddwyd 20:44 30 Jul 2010

Dirty? That's not dirty.

If you want to see dirty take the back off a thirty year old valved radio or television!

  Chris the Ancient 11:06 31 Jul 2010

Takes me back to my old days in the RAF working on radar systems for airfields.

Some very, very wise guru [name deleted to protect the not so innocent - but not me] decided that it was time to give one radar, which was working perfectly within spec, a really good service, take out each individual unit and sub-unit to give them a really thorough clean (not that they were dirty, the cooling air was filtered with the filters cleaned out each week). Then test each and every valve (using a valve tester) that was not up to spec, replace it with a new (and tested) valve.

It took three days to get it working properly again!


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