The Director General of the BBC

  Forum Editor 18:05 23 Nov 2015

wants licence payers to be more involved in deciding how the corporation is regulated.

He also thinks that Future licence fee negotiations should be made with the input of licence fee payers, possibly by an online vote.

That would be the kiss of death wouldn't it?

  Forum Editor 18:06 23 Nov 2015

Sorry, I forgot to post a link to the story.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:07 23 Nov 2015

Of course, as everyone would want a lower fee so it would then need advertising revenue to sustain the BBC.

  Belatucadrus 18:13 23 Nov 2015

BBC independence 'eroded'

Translated: the BBC could be held accountable for what it says and does which would be dreadful.

  morddwyd 19:49 23 Nov 2015

Good idea

We could have more soaps, cookery and antiques, which are obviously popular, and get rid of stuff like "Panorama" and "Question Time" which are not.

  oresome 21:06 23 Nov 2015

I find it good value for money at around £12 per month and I only listen / view a tiny fraction of their output.

I can understand why commercial broadcasters feel the BBC provides unfair competition and there is probably a case for the BBC's ambitions to be reined in.

Whenever an event is broadcast on both public and commercial channels I always choose the BBC simply for the lack of adverts. In fact it's rare that I watch a commercial broadcast live, preferring to chase play cutting out the adverts.

  bumpkin 22:05 23 Nov 2015

I can only comment about BBC Scotland

Well there is a surprise.

  x123 22:11 23 Nov 2015



Like oresome, I am happy with the licence fee, good value for money, only 7 years to free viewing, unless they decide to change the entitlement.

  Forum Editor 22:55 23 Nov 2015

Despite all its undeniable problems with its internal culture, the BBC continues to broadcast some of the best television content in the world.

It continues to save us from sinking into a quagmire of cheaply-produced rubbish that is devoid of any taste, and requires the exercise of as few brain cells as possible.

The only control the audience should have is the on/off buttons on its remotes. If we only televised content with mass appeal we would have a permanent diet of programmes like 'I'm a celebrity, get me out of here'.

  spuds 10:55 24 Nov 2015

Recently the Director General appeared before the Parliament Select Committee regarding possible changes. For those that might have watch,then some rather good points were raised.

Here's a three links, that might be worth reading, there's many more on Google click here click here com/news/2015-05-11/the-licence-fee-must-be-increased-says-outgoing-bbc-drama-boss-ben-stephenson

  spuds 10:58 24 Nov 2015

Whoops, the last link didn't come out right. So here is the link to the various stories click here

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