Direct bank tranfers, phone/ computer

  bumpkin 21:49 11 Feb 2017

I do online banking from my own PC which is easy. I believe it can be done from any PC or even phones. Can anyone clarify this and also any potential risks.

  x123 21:58 11 Feb 2017

I use my laptop, tablet and phone . The tablet and phone have a dedicated app. All work seamlessly.

I can use other devices, not belonging to me, to access and move money , if I use my login details. There could be a small chance a key logger could save my details but I have a 9digit and 6 digit code plus 2 separate user and email log ins. I would never use any other than a family computer to log on. Plus I would clear the cache after use.

  wee eddie 22:07 11 Feb 2017

Most everyone advises against doing any Banking on a Public Network. They are frequently unsecured

  bumpkin 22:45 11 Feb 2017

Thanks, I do not intend to use a public computer. I don't have a decent phone or newish laptop. When I do in from my desktop the bank sends a text to my phone with a further code to enter which differs every time. Not something that I want to do regularly but I think I will give it a miss and find another way. Too much hacking and fraud nowadays for my liking. .

  lotvic 23:36 11 Feb 2017

I do my banking on line, I open a Private Window (doesn't save info in history etc) in firefox browser and have 'Trusteer Rapport' as per bank advises. Also Bank sent me a little gizzmo that generates a new code each time that I have to enter in addition to my other passwords/codes.

  morddwyd 10:10 12 Feb 2017

I have been with my bank for 24 years. They have no branches; they started off as a phone only bank later on offering internet banking.

I log in from all my devices, though using a browser, not a dedicated app, and I would never use a public network, or even use my mifi in a public place. Never used my mobile for banking, but I'm not a great mobile user anyway, a £10 credit lasting me three months or more! In fact I rarely use telephone baming at all these days, probably less than once year if I lose internet.

Never has a problem. One dodgy PayPal transaction abou ten years ago following an e-bay purchase, noted at 10.00pm, money refunded by 10.25!

  Pine Man 10:57 12 Feb 2017

I believe it can be done from any PC or even phones

You certainly can but like the others say, it is safer to use your home PC.

My bank like others sometimes sends a code via text to my mobile to verify new/large transactions, which in my opinion is brilliant. You'd have to be really unlucky for someone to hack into your online account and also have access to your mobile phone and it's password!

I have been online banking since it first began with Barclays many years ago and with different banks since and never had any issues whatsoever.

  oresome 11:15 12 Feb 2017

I only use the desktop PC for banking.

There probably isn't a banking app for my Windows phone, but I would be reluctant to use anyway as the keypad on the phone screen is hit and miss with fat fingers.

I've never been in a situation where I've needed to access accounts away from home.

I track all expenditure and income using MS Money, so can see an up to date balance without accessing bank accounts often.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:53 12 Feb 2017

I use the home PC only with full Kaspersky Internet Security provided by the bank.

No banking app on phone and never connect to the bank using the laptop so if either get stolen there is no way any banking info can be stolen.

  sydsnott 16:39 13 Feb 2017

I read somewhere that one of the safest ways to do your banking was to use a "Live CD" in a machine with no HDD.

Never tried it yet but recent disillusionment with AVG Free might tempt me to give it a go!

  Burn-it 15:37 14 Feb 2017

There is no need for such extremes if you only use the one machine and only you use it. Of course if it gets stolen......... I refused to use my phone as a second security device since a phone is far more likely to get "lost".

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