dinner guests

  Main Access 22:02 28 Apr 2008

hopefully this wont get hijacked

Last night we were having a discussion in the pub and we got around to dinner guests. If you could invite 7 people to dinner from anytime in history, who would they be and why.

My seven (after lots of people were thrown out) are.
Einstein. One of the greatest scientists in history.
So how does relativity actually work?

Newton. The other greatest scientist in history.

Archimedes. Did he really build all those war machines?

Copernicus. The father of astronomy

The above are brilliant mathematicians so that should be an interesting few hours.

Leonardo da Vinci's
What ideas could he come up with given the knowledge of the others?

Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Probably the greatest engineer.

Nelson. The greatest admiral ever.

so if you could, who would be in your 7 and why?

  peter99co 22:07 28 Apr 2008

They would never agree on anything! But I agree with your choice but I would have Bill Gates instead of Archimedes.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:17 28 Apr 2008

7 playmates of the year.


  WhiteTruckMan 23:36 28 Apr 2008

Nobody going to invite FE?

I can't see this thread lasting much longer...


  peg 23:53 28 Apr 2008

they need the food

  Quickbeam 07:11 29 Apr 2008
  laurie53 07:47 29 Apr 2008

OK then.

FE, GANDALF <|:-)>, Brumas, Bingalau, Quckbeam, Lisa02, KateB if she'd come.

  Quickbeam 07:49 29 Apr 2008

I'll check my engagement diary :))

  rawprawn 09:11 29 Apr 2008

Snow white and six dwarfs (Don't want Grumpy to spoil the party)

  Brumas 09:23 29 Apr 2008

Thank you young Sir, I'll come as long as the venue will be north of Hadrian's Wall and Bingalau brings his fabled wallet - I've never seen a million pound ;o))

  Bingalau 09:33 29 Apr 2008

Never mind the thread getting hijacked. I don't think I will come, unless you can guarantee the safety of me and my wallet.

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