peter99co 15:42 16 Jun 2008

Would you put up or shut up?

click here

They do go on a bit though.

  Forum Editor 16:20 16 Jun 2008

and while we're about it, let's shoot all the Cuckoos, the skylarks, muffle the sound of the sea on the shingle, cut down all our trees, so we can't hear their leaves rustling, spray beehives with insecticide (that buzzing really does my head in), gas the birds that wake me up with that infernal dawn chorus of theirs.........

and then we can all settle down comfortably and listen to the traffic, the builders' drills, and all the other soporific sounds of civilisation.

  wiz-king 16:27 16 Jun 2008

You forgot next doors wind chimes.

  Cymro. 16:30 16 Jun 2008

In a case like this I always thought that it was whoever or whatever was there first that had the moral right to carry on as they had always done.

So as the church bells were there and ringing before the people who are complaining arrived to complain about the noise it is the church bells who have the right to continue to do so.

If someone does not like the sound of church bells then why buy a house that is so close to the church in the first place?

  Forum Editor 16:32 16 Jun 2008

Wind chimes? Burn the factories down. We may as well deal with those blankety-blank foxes, too - keeping me awake with their slurping noises as they drink from my pond at night. As for those owls at the bottom of the garden - hand me that shotgun.

  johndrew 16:34 16 Jun 2008

Damned countryside. No traffic noise or exhaust fumes. Only birds and cows making a horrible din. Whole lot should be concreted over. :-)))))

  birdface 16:37 16 Jun 2008

Normally when you reside near something like this you get used to the noise and would find it strange if everything was quiet.It would be interesting to find out how long the resident that complained actually lived there.Mind you I don't think that I would like to listen to them for 3 hours every 2nd Sunday.I suppose they could always go visit friends.I wonder what would happen if there was a Wedding.Death or Christening to go to.Would they still complain.

  BT 16:48 16 Jun 2008

Its only once a fortnight for a couple of hours for goodness sake. I'll swap houses with them if they don't like it, I love the sound of church bells. As FE says its better than traffic, next doors' barbeque with all the noise and smell, all the racket emanating from people's houses when there is football on the TV.
As Cymro says its a case of 'first come etc.'
We have a neighbour whose garden backs on to the local pub, which is a pretty quiet pub, who objected when the pub put in a planning application for their outdoor smoking area. They pub already has a large garden area and we are only 3 gardens away and rarely hear any noise. His main objection was that the smoke would drift into his garden and affect his health. Needless to say he didn't get anywhwere with it. My point is the pub was built 50+ years ago and he has only lived there about 5 years.

  pj123 16:49 16 Jun 2008

I always thought that church bells were to summon the people to attend the church services.

I would have thought by now that anyone who wants to attend would know.

Fortunately, I live nowhere near a church and have no inclination to attend one.

  Forum Editor 17:01 16 Jun 2008

This is a classic case of "I want to live in a pretty village, and I want everyone to behave exactly as I think they should."

A work colleague lives near a farm, and the farmer drives his cows across the lane that runs through the village - it's probably been going on for centuries. Apparently the farmer nearly came to blows with a man who drove into the farmyard one afternoon - all gleaming Range-Rover and Rolex - and said "Do you think you could do that cow-driving thing a little later in the afternoon?My wife has to do the school-run, and it holds her up if the cows are crossing the lane".

  Earthsea 17:02 16 Jun 2008

I love the sound of church bells.

She says she can't go out into the garden for 3 hours every other Sunday during the Summer.

Wow, life can be so hard sometimes.

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