The diminutive cabrioet- what is it?

  jack 10:18 13 Jun 2010

I am sure sure have seen an example of this little 'Noddy' car from time to time.
Always in the same duo-tone Green and Cream
going busily about-
Andrew Marr in the opening sequence of his Sunday program is seen driving one
I think it is a Nissan- though not in their general UK line up
What is it exactly

Any ideas any one

  mark2 10:20 13 Jun 2010
  sunnystaines 10:23 13 Jun 2010

looks like columbo's old car

  jack 10:29 13 Jun 2010

Now I know ;@}

  jack 10:30 13 Jun 2010

Nothing like- its half the size

Columbo's heap is a 'Puggie'

  dagbladet 12:17 13 Jun 2010

It's the running gear of a Nissan Micra with a retro chic body bolted on top. Very much a cult car, hard to get hold of and relatively bloomin expensive.

  dagbladet 12:19 13 Jun 2010

Thread drift

btw Jack, see this morning all the panels of both fast-track stops at the hospital end of your estate have been smashed. The mountain of glass 'gravel' was unbelievable.

  Quickbeam 12:30 13 Jun 2010

I seen one of those around my town and thought it was a well restored sixties car!

  karmgord 15:37 13 Jun 2010

Great little car only officially came in 4 colours,
blue ,brown,grey & green,these were meant to represent the four seasons,summer autumn spring & winter.
All were automatic all were imports
Fetch around £6000 which is not bad for an H or J reg car

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