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Dilemma - what would you do?

  anskyber 11:43 22 Nov 2011

I use on line banking and have a joint account with my partner.

Although technically we should each access our account with separate user IDs etc it is simpler to use one, we have nothing to hide. As an upgrade to our banks security we were both sent new "keys" and thought it might be helpful to register individually in case there was ever a failure of one of the keys and the other key could then be used to access the identical information.

My partner was initially shocked to find she also had access with her key to her soon to be ex husbands account which was still in joint names; he is habitually tardy with "administration" issues. So what would you do?

Before anyone gets excited we know what we need to do, I am really interested in how you would deal with it.

  Al94 11:48 22 Nov 2011

I would have her contact the bank to advise them of the position so that the joint account with her ex husband can be stopped until the position is finalised.

  recap 12:11 22 Nov 2011

I would assume that your partner has informed the bank that she is soon to be divorced and that the account should only by in her soon to be ex-husbands name? If your partner has informed the bank of the situation then it's the banks error, and therefore would be down to the bank to resovle the issue. Your partner should approach the bank and inform them of this issue.

  Quickbeam 12:37 22 Nov 2011

...or she could take the money and run!

  morddwyd 16:33 22 Nov 2011

Bit off the original question, but I never have been able to see the point or advantage of a joint bank account.

Just because you get married, or committed, doesn't mean that you give up your individuality.

I think I would hate not to be in control of my own financial situation.

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