Digital switch over.

  gengiscant 10:51 15 Jun 2011

Up here in Edinburgh we have finally completed the switch to only digital TV, analogue is now a thing of the past. But instead of an improved reception now that we are totally digital I have had an odd experience. I have 3 TV's 2 connected to a roof aerial and the third to an indoor. On the 2 roof aerial connected TV's I have lost channels whilst the indoor connected TV I have gained channels.

An explanation as to why this is seems difficult to come by. Mind you when Edinburgh had the partial switch over a couple of weeks ago I had to retune several times before it seem to settle down. It is a bit of a pain as we all will know as you then have to re-sort the channels etc.

  Quickbeam 10:56 15 Jun 2011

You'll probably need a new wideband aerial for the full digital reception. Is the indoor one newer?

Freeview reception

  onthelimit1 12:09 15 Jun 2011

What I find odd is thet we've just completed two stages (in April in Shropshire). The TV now has a banner saying a two stage changeover will take place in September?

  scotty 17:34 15 Jun 2011

You could be receiving signals from more than one transmitter. At switchover, transmitter powers were increased ~5 fold. Main transmitters have all freeview channels while local boosters carry a reduced set. It is possible that you can pick up a local transmitter now that the power has been increased. Your indoor aerial will have poorer reception and only picks up the main transmitter.

If you are getting problems as a result of getting signals from two transmitters, a low tech solution is available. Pull out the aerial when scanning channels you do not want.

Check out , input your postcode and select Digital UK Tradeview to get details of transmitters and the channels for each Mux for the transmitters in your area.

This problem is most likely to be seen if you have a wideband aerial. You can tell it is wideband if the separation between the elements varies along its length. For most people, wideband aerials are not the best option. They are less efficient than the appropriate narrow band aerial. You can find an explanation about aerials here. Unfortunately, wideband aerials are convenient for aerial installers as they do not need to carry a range of aerials.

  woodchip 20:12 15 Jun 2011

Whatever you do, if you change the aerial. Don't be fooled into somebody trying to sell you a Digital aerial, there is no such thing a aerial is a aerial when it comes to TV but they can have more bits of aly on them to pick-up better signal

PS most important is that you install itwith the same polarity as the Transmit

  woodchip 20:16 15 Jun 2011

Sorry but it posted its self mid typing.

as above it as to be the same way round as the Transmitter aerial, it most likely is Horizontal Polarity, if you turn the aerial edge way on it will still work but not as it should

  gengiscant 09:08 16 Jun 2011

I am sorry but none of you have answered my questions. Why do I now get more digital channels with the indoor aerial but less with the loft aerial, since the final digital switch over in my area on the 15th June.

If I need a new aerial so be it, but at the moment I am at a loss as to why the loft aerial was sufficient prior to the switch over but now is not, if transmitter power was increased 5 fold. Surely I should be getting a better service rather than a lesser.

  scotty 10:34 16 Jun 2011

Just looked at the Craigkelly transmitter details. It uses channels 21, 24, 27, 39, 42 & 45. From the wolfbane site (click here), narrow band aerials will cover channels: Aerial groups: A 21-37 red, B 35-53 yellow, CD 48-68 green, E 35-68 brown, K 21-48 grey, W 21-68 black; You should use a wideband aerial (W or K). Do you know what type of aerial you are using?

P.S. Craigkelly transmitter has engineering work ongoing.

  hssutton 11:11 16 Jun 2011

Possibly a little extreme, but a permanent way to get rid of a wart.

wart removal

  woodchip 11:11 16 Jun 2011

Check your Outside Aerial it set to Horizontal, that means elements should be layed flat

PS if they are already that way then try turning it to Vertical

  hssutton 11:11 16 Jun 2011

Sorry about that

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