Digital Economy Bill

  carver 09:08 19 Mar 2010

I know that every one of you out there are law abiding people and would never dream of illegal downloading but I just wondered what you thought of this new bill click here that's just been passed in the House of Lords.

Personally I believe it to be one of the worst bit of legislation that this government has come up with, I always thought that it wasn't really workable but after seeing this article click here I'm more concerned that the music industry is now writing it's own laws.

It could mean the end of free WI-FI outside the home.

  dagbladet 10:18 19 Mar 2010

"I know that every one of you out there are law abiding people and would never dream of illegal downloading..."

Slight thread drift(ish);

I hold my hands up to watching Fulham's incredible comeback against Juventus last night on a 'hooky' internet stream as I couldn't find it anywhere on telly.

  Quickbeam 10:59 19 Mar 2010

Apart from high profile money making bootlegging downloaders, I think it'll prove to be un-policeable in the real world.

Will it really be cost effective to pursue and prosecute a grandmother whose grandchild downloaded copyrighted material while staying at grannies on a sleepover...?

  Kevscar1 11:01 19 Mar 2010

Of course the Internet is a tool of the young... and foolish, most of the time, so regardless of the fact that the Bill stampedes over consumer rights and - to some extent - basic human rights,

So it,s now a comsumer right and basic human right to take things without paying for them.

I might just have to pop over to the Aston Martin Showroom this afternoon I,m sure they won,t mind me using my basic human right.

  johndrew 11:10 19 Mar 2010

Given that the EU has said that access to the internet is a basic human right, how can the UK decide to pass a law which contradicts this?

I thought that GB and his merry(?) persons took all that comes from the EU as sacrosanct!!!

  Forum Editor 21:33 19 Mar 2010

of getting a very bad piece of legislation".

I couldn't agree more. This a bride being rushed to the altar.

  paddyjack 22:29 19 Mar 2010

Have to confess to downloading some GAA football and hurling games

  onionskin 23:50 19 Mar 2010

At last, Rupert Murdoch will be able to charge for his news without people giving it away for free.

  Kevscar1 09:40 20 Mar 2010

Is that the same EU that said we couldn't have bananas if they bent too much. That lot should only be allowed to speak during comic relief.

  DieSse 15:14 21 Mar 2010

And since recording (eg Audacity) streams (eg Spotify/Internet Radio) is not included, and in any case would be impossible to police -

- then what's the point exactly?

As Billy Bragg said the other day (and I'm not normally a fan of his) - the music business is thriving - it's the recording industry that's got problems. Go figure.

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