Digital change

  Dragon_Heart 00:18 11 Jun 2010

You see a series you want to record, you set up the timers for every day or week. OK

You see the first episode OK but the next one has been changed by + / - 5 to 15 min's and so on ..... so you miss either the start or ending :-(

It's bad enough when the sport is on but this happens on a very regular basis.

  mr simon 01:07 11 Jun 2010

I have a fairly cheap PVR and it can tell if a program is later than scheduled. I thought this was standard?

  morddwyd 07:53 11 Jun 2010

"I thought this was standard?"

It isn't. It depends very much on which guide provider the pvr uses.

Like Dragon_Heart I regularly lose programmes.

  BT 08:39 11 Jun 2010

If the series has the 'Series Record' logo this avoids the problem, Unfortunately not all series or EPGs are set up for this.

My gripe at the moment is the BBC are starting programs early at times. You used to be able to rely on them to start on time but just recently Eastenders for example has been starting 2 or 3 minutes early. Last night it started at 19.28 instead of 19.30

  Þ² 08:55 11 Jun 2010

Our Virgin V+HD box has an option to record an amount of mins either side.

  morddwyd 09:50 11 Jun 2010

"Our Virgin V+HD box has an option to record an amount of mins either side."

So does mine.

All this means is that you lose the end, or the beginning, of any programmes that you wish to record "either side".

  Þ² 10:26 11 Jun 2010

nope. 3 tuners!

I'm very rarely recording several things at once, and it'll warn me when they clash.

  anchor 11:53 11 Jun 2010

On my old Panasonic VHS recorder with an analogue tuner, you can set up the timer for both BBC1 and 2, so it comes on when the programme starts It also goes off when the programme ends.

Apparently the BBC send our a pulse, (or something), to start and stop the recorder. This facility does not seem to be present with digital.

  interzone55 12:46 11 Jun 2010

If you look in the top corner of the screen you'll see two little white bars appear towards the end of a programme.

This is the signal for the VT engineer to start the new tape. Your VHS recorder is simply reading these to manage the recording. As you say, very useful, but no longer required with digital broadcast kit...

  Dragon_Heart 15:26 11 Jun 2010

Channel 5 also used to send our a pulse, (or something), to stop and start the recorder during the adds.

  anchor 16:09 11 Jun 2010

alan14: I am sorry, but that is incorrect. Yes, I have seen the marks you refer to, but they have nothing to do with controlling the VCR recording.

I have looked in the Panasonic instruction book and it is called "Programme Delivery Control", (PDC). It is a special signal transmitted, together with the normal TV signal, that ensures the recording will start and end precisely when the programme is transmitted.

I found this only worked on analogue BBC1 and BBC2, but never on ITV. I cannot recall what happened on channels 4 and 5, (although I doubt they would ever stop the adverts being recorded).

It`s a pity that the PDC system, (or something similar), cannot be used with digital, especially with so much football coming up, which often run to extra time.

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