Dig out your summer glad rags...

  Quickbeam 07:18 21 Jun 2017

Don't forget to celebrate and make the most of the summer solstice today, it's all downhill until 21st December from tomorrow...

  Old Deuteronomy 08:30 21 Jun 2017

Dig out your summer glad rags...

T-shirt and shorts for me, from May until October.

  wee eddie 08:41 21 Jun 2017

It's raining

  Old Deuteronomy 09:29 21 Jun 2017

We could do with some rain...

  Aitchbee 12:54 21 Jun 2017

Summer solstice today immediately evokes the iconic image of Stonehenge.

click here Summer Icon in the 3.40 at Royal Ascot at a monumental price of 150/1 ;o]


  bumpkin 19:18 21 Jun 2017

Summer solstice.

Thanks for reminding me, time I set off to the henge to worship a pile of old rubble.

  john bunyan 20:14 21 Jun 2017

A 22 year old granddaughter called in (studying for a Masters at UCL) to say she had been with friends at Stonehenge as usual . Her fathers day card to me mentioned that I was not to be too depressed about Labour getting 262 seats at the election. A Corbynista to the core, in spite of her apparent intelligence!

  bumpkin 21:34 21 Jun 2017

apparent intelligence!

Apparent being appropriate word. I fail to see sny intelligence in visting Stone Henge other than to see it once and ponder on its construction and its purpose. I have been to see it myself when younger but the worshipping for the solice is beyond my clearly limited intelligence.

  Forum Editor 22:15 21 Jun 2017


"...the worshipping for the solice is beyond my clearly limited intelligence."

It's a harmless enough thing - live and let live.

  Quickbeam 07:11 22 Jun 2017

Our celebration was an evening ride of 18 miles up to Hope Cross in the Peak District and a clear view of the Peaks at 10pm

  john bunyan 11:09 22 Jun 2017


I suspect it has more to do with Bacchus than the Druids. A load of modern day "Flower Power" folk having what they believe is a good, memorable , time at a historic site. I'd rather have a cup of tea, myself!

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