Different thoughts on mobile phones...

  Chris the Ancient 20:52 13 Nov 2004

OK, I accept this is not totally PC related...

And I enjoyed reading BIG Ben's thread as it developed!

Now, when it comes to buying bits and pieces for a PC, I get by. But mobile phones...???

A colleague has a very nice Nokia 6100. I like it because it has a speaker phone. This means it doesn't need miles of electric string, adaptors etc. or bluetooth or anything else whizzy. It can just sit in a cradle in the car and be used easily!

I want one, methinks.

There starts the fun. I've found that I could buy one in loads of places - except from O2 with whom I have a contract!

So, can I just go out, buy one and put my current sim card in and still use it? Would it affect my contract or what?

Or to put it another way... Can I find an easy way to get rid of my trusty old 3310, change to a 6100 and keep my existing (and well-known) number and contract?

I'm confused and my brain is starting to hurt!


  smokingbeagle 20:58 13 Nov 2004

Find one that is unlocked to all networks (try eBay) and put your sim card in and you've got what you want.

  Chris the Ancient 21:07 13 Nov 2004

I'm lost already!

'Unlocked to all networks'?

(See, told you I didn't understand the durned things!)

  Chris the Ancient 21:27 13 Nov 2004

I found one on ebay.

It's all unlocked and ready for all channels.

Fingers crossed.


  josie mayhem 21:27 13 Nov 2004

Have you every tried to turn the speaker phone on while you're driving?

I spend more time cutting people off, than talking!!

Unlocking a mobile phone is a bit like a serial number for software. Apparently you can unlock via the internet, but you would have to do a search for this, has i've never tried. But shops charge about £10-£15 to do it.

The above information was told to me by my daughter, several weeks ago. I can't ask her more until tomorrow night, Her boss decided to take them all out for a night, how and why he came up with a nights clubbing in Denmark, they flew out this morning and fly back tormmorow night. I wish I had a boss like that!!!

  Chris the Ancient 21:40 13 Nov 2004

My colleague said there is a 'system' that he uses where he just works it by sliding his finger across the appropriate buttons in sequence.

Once I'm up and running, I shall phone him and get all the gen.

The one that I'm getting is supposedly ready to run, but there is a little shop down the road that advertises unlocking and stuff in the window, si if I get stuck, I'll pop in and see him.

Thanks to those who helped. I'm now commited (and on my own) so I',, get the old green tick going.



  Johnnie_M 15:28 14 Nov 2004

Hi there, I would say that the nokia 6100 is a really nice small piece of kit. No bells no whistles ironically just a phone. A lot of the phones that come from the networks are locked so they make their money back (because the subsidise the price) you can get unlcoking done at unlocks (dot) co (dot) uk and they'll ask you for the imei number which you can get on a nokia by taking off the battery at the back and it starts 35xx (this number is 15 digits long and you will need the specific one as the calculator relates to individual numbers. However it may not be locked and bobs your auntie as I say. Other phones you might like Nokia 3100 and possibly if your looking for bells and whistles Nokia 6230

  Chris the Ancient 17:35 14 Nov 2004

Thanks for the reinforcement of my wise decision and choice.

My mate really loves his - and it's in use all the time for work. For leisure, he has a clamshell with camera, teasmade, cappuccino maker and all sorts of weird and wonderful things. But for work the simple 6100. Mind you, even that will be a significant upgrade to one who's only used to a 3310!

The one I've ordered is already unlocked, but _now_ I understand what all the unlocking is about. I think. Thanks for that.

  Smegs 01:38 17 Nov 2004

Tesco are doing the 6100 for £84.97+free delivery. click here

Nice little phone, my wife has one.

If you get one, take it to a Local Computer shop, NOT somewhere like PC World. It will cost you around £5 to £10. One shop local to me is charging £5 to unlock Nokia phones.

  georgemac 08:51 17 Nov 2004

I have a nokia 6100 - I like it a lot but once my years contract is up I will have a new one and the wife (who does not like modern technology) will get this one to replace her hardly ever used 3330.

If you buy a PAYG phone it will be locked.

If you buy a Vodaphone or O2 contract phone it is usally supplied unlocked and can be used on any network. Orange and T Mobile usually lock all their phones, don't know about 3.

Unclocking a phone is perfectly legal, and most modern nokias (dct4 models) can be unlocked very easily.

I have the calculator and the instructions and have unlocked a few.

From another thread click here and register all your mobile equipment - if it is lost or stolen this will help to trace it.

A link to a site where you can get the unlocking software and instructions click here

It is illegal to change the phones unique iemi number, and the nokia dct4 handsets need a physical chip change to do this which makes stealing them less attractive, as once they are barred by the owner all UK networks then ban this phone from accessing the network.

Unfortunately, they will work on European networks, so you will see many of them on sale on Ebay being sold abroad.

  Chris the Ancient 12:43 17 Nov 2004

Smegs... What a great price!

My (2nd hand - and cheaper) phone arrived this morning, I shall look forward to playing with it tonight.

georgemac... The phone (not checked yet) is unlocked and I'm on an O2 contract. If it isn't, there is a little shop around the corner that does it for a tenner - or I might buy the software and do a similar - but cheaper ;0) - job.

Thanks to all - and I hope other people may have got useful gen here as well.


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