Different stages of happiness as the years pass by

  TopCat® 18:17 04 Dec 2012

Anyone who knows me will agree that through my life I've always had a cheery word or genuine smile for anyone I get into conversation with. I find it difficult to be miserable, even in my advanced years, and try my best to cheer up anyone so-called down in the dumps. Sometimes more than not a friendly approach is appreciated by the recipients but, I readily admit, not everyone succumbs to my charms! :)

That's why I tend to not agree with most of these findings but I suppose it's true when they say "it takes all sorts to make a world" which naturally does nothing to alleviate the traumas of living some unfortunate people endure. No amount of cheer will help those poor souls. TC.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:48 04 Dec 2012

Happy I've made it to this age

still working on becoming a GOG (grumpy old g..)


  flycatcher1 19:53 04 Dec 2012

TopCat I agree with you. Up to fairly recently I was in telephone contact with two old friends, I had known them for over sixty years.

I had to brace myself to call one of them , he had many problems but always seemed miserable and nothing in life was right and never would be. After the calls I always felt miserable as well.

On the other hand calling the other chap was a delight, although he was in dire straits with health problems and had been for many years, he never ever complained and was always complimentary about the help that he received. After every call I was the one feeling better and I was pleased to be told by his family, at his funeral, that my calls helped him.

  Aitchbee 20:07 04 Dec 2012

Today, the wife of a neighbour of mine, the latter of whom I've known on very friendly talking terms for about ten years mainly thru' chit-chat about plants 'n' growing things from seeds etc. HE has recently had a chunk of his lung removed because of cancer, by chance, bumped into me this morning.She said I should call in and have a 'natter' with him (next week, when he comes out of hospital) to try and cheer him up a bit.

I said yes, I'll do that.

I felt some happiness that she asked me to visit her sickly husband, she smiled when I said yes.

Happiness is a very fleeting thing.

  morddwyd 21:43 04 Dec 2012

Happiness is waking up, reading a friends obit., and thinking, "That's another b** I've outlived"!

  flycatcher1 21:46 04 Dec 2012

morddwyd. Guilty as charged.

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