Die Hard 4.0

  iqs 16:29 29 Oct 2007

Hi,I have just watched the Ultimate Action Edition of Die Hard 4.0.

I watched it originally at the cinema,so I was expecting a slightly different version when viewing the DVD release.

I could be wrong,but it seemed identical to the original version.

Has any of the forum users watched both versions,did you notice and differences???????


  lisa02 16:34 29 Oct 2007

I have thought that about a lot of DVDs I have bought but can't be sure either way.

I suppose the easiest way to check would be the duration. The DVD must be longer....?

Something I find interesting to is that different people will recollect different bits of movies in conversation. Do you remember this bit??? Oh yeah!

  Colin 17:08 29 Oct 2007

The DVD will be the same as the cinema film - Ultimate Action Edition relates to the extras on the second disc - click here

I think thay when the DVD is different they usually call it "The Director's Cut" or something like that.

  iqs 23:13 29 Oct 2007

lisa02 and Colin,many thanks for your help.

According to the box this version of Die Hard is ........Enjoy all the thrills and excitement of Die Hard 4.0 in this Harder Cut Two disc edition not seen in cinemas...

Any thoughts...


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