Did you see the Northern lights?

  Forum Editor 17:27 09 Oct 2012

Did anyone see the Aurora Borealis last night? Apparently it was visible as far south as Hove in East Sussex. I will be annoyed if I discover that I might have seen it in North London, but was fast asleep at the time.

  Nontek 17:36 09 Oct 2012

Only on TV - all the pics of it were taken up-north, didn't see anything down here in Southsea.

  Blackhat 18:02 09 Oct 2012

Highly unlikely to have been visible around London area due to light pollution, same here in Birmingham.

A few years ago I flew to the Artic circle to see the lights; we had to have all the interior lights off in the plane right from take off in order to get accustomed to the dark. Unfortunately it was a no show, flew around for 2 hours in complete darkness for nothing.

  cycoze 21:40 12 Oct 2012

Missed them this last week unfortunately, Norfolk.

I usually have email and text alerts for Aurora, but had them both turned off.

Have a look at AuroraWatch

at Lancs University.

They do the alerts, great free service, only worth getting red alerts for South of the border.

  OTT_B 22:01 12 Oct 2012

Complete cloud cover and rain last night round my way in East Anglia. No chance of seeing anything :(

  Woolwell 22:20 12 Oct 2012

In the distant past (last year?) I seem to remember a clear night. Last night we had the usual low cloud and rain. This year, in my area, our reservoirs are 94.8% last year they were at 52.7%.

Sorry to go off northern lights. I've never managed to see them and have a Bluenose certficate for having crossed the Arctic Circle.

  john bunyan 22:23 12 Oct 2012

I have often seen them in Norway and Denmark in the winter. Olly once, years ago, in Scotland - all whilst on military night exercises.

  Condom 11:52 13 Oct 2012

I went to visit some friend who live in Mill Of Minonie and they took me down to the village of Pennan where much of Local Hero was filmed. As well as the spectacular drive down to the village we were very fortunate to see the Northern Lights which despite not being at their best were still wonderful in that setting.

Currently I am getting my own version of the Northern Lights here in Bangkok as the present thunderstorms are something we never see in the UK. Only thing missing is the colours which I don't really appreciate to the full anyway as I am colour blind.

  Bing.alau 13:32 13 Oct 2012

Seeing that someone has mentioned reservoirs being nearly full. (I can't believe they are not overflowing), Can we safely say that next spring we will not be getting hosepipe bans.

I have followed cycoze's example and registered for e-mails etc. hopefully to see the Northern Lights before I pop my clogs.

  bluesbrother 21:02 14 Oct 2012

For those of us who can't afford the bus fares to see them in person, perhaps this is the next best thing.

Aurora Borealis - Þingvellir

  bluesbrother 21:26 14 Oct 2012

I should have added, its a live webcam from Iceland, a bit grainy but you do get a taste of what the fuss is all about.

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