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Did you remember to change your clocks yesterday?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:07 30 Mar 2020

  wee eddie 14:31 31 Mar 2020

QB: What you are saying is that, also, Time Zones are irrelevant.

The need for DST is that we are creatures of habit that run by the Clock and, instead of changing our Work day to an 8am start, we change the clocks

  Quickbeam 16:47 31 Mar 2020

I was alluding to the fact that so many people can’t go out,,so it doesn’t matter what time of day or even what day it is to millions, that’s all...

  wee eddie 17:17 31 Mar 2020

What do you mean ~ They can't go out.

That is not what the Regulations say. As I understand the current Regulations, you can spend all day in the open air if you wish, so long as you are alone and do not make close (under 2 meters) contact with other people. The Regulations also suggest that you should remain within walking distance of your habitation, unless you are at work.

  Quickbeam 18:04 31 Mar 2020

It was a flippant remark. I was surprised the FE didn't see it for that...

  john bunyan 18:54 31 Mar 2020

*wee eddie *

There is a difference between “can” and “may”. My wife can go out but as she is registered as in the most vulnerable group, she may not and has been instructed to have contact with others only via a slightly open window. I am meant to keep 2 - 3 m away from her so we sleep that far apart. As I’m 83 and off driving until August for medical reasons we try , with difficulty , to get home delivery or a relative has kindly shopped for us. We have a large garden do I am catching up with maintenance there

  wee eddie 19:25 31 Mar 2020

I don't know about you, and we haven't put this to the test yet.

In our street we are all keeping an eye on the neighbours to the immediate left and right of us.

  Quickbeam 19:28 31 Mar 2020

When I get my bike out they treat of as an approaching Grim Reaper

  csqwared 19:37 31 Mar 2020


"We have a large garden do I am catching up with maintenance there".

What do you do with the rubbish? Our council has stopped brown bin collections and the recycling centres are closed. We are also not allowed to use our black(household waste) or green (recyclables) bins for the garden stuff, won't be emptied if we do. It has helped with the social distancing - hedge is rather overgrown now. :-))

  roger.roger 19:45 31 Mar 2020

What do you do with the rubbish?

best thing is to make a compost heap. We purchased a couple of compost bins from the local council around 10 years ago, about £20 each. They still work well.

It has helped with the social distancing - hedge is rather overgrown now. :-))

Just be careful if you do decide to give it a trim

  john bunyan 19:56 31 Mar 2020


Our green waste collection has stopped too. My garden is surrounded by a field where a former neighbour kept a horse. It is almost derelict now as it’s up for sale since she died . So far I have put clippings where she kept manure, but I will cut grass more often and leave it to mulch. Not yet sure about conifer hedge clippings

All minor issues compared with people cooped up in flats of course.

My compost heap mar take some stuff

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