Did you get your £60 tax rebate

  Grey Goo 19:46 26 Sep 2008

May be a bit early but I got paid today, no extra £60, oh well see what happens.

  Grey Goo 19:53 26 Sep 2008

Mind you if the US rescue package fails it won't matter anymore,ever.

  Jak_1 19:54 26 Sep 2008

I got mine with my Navy pension last Friday.

  interzone55 20:23 26 Sep 2008

Mine wasn't obvious, but when I checked this month's take home against last month's it was £60 extra...

  oresome 20:40 26 Sep 2008

I got the rebate, but I'm one of the unfortunate ones who lost more with the abolition of the 10p rate than gained with the increase in the tax allowance. i.e tax doubled from 10p to 20p in the pound.

  GRIDD 21:33 26 Sep 2008

On mine it showed as less Tax taken than a rebate. For example if about £100 in Tax is normally taken, this month's was £40.

Like oresome I lost more than they are giving back. I'd love to know about next year too?

Electric went up by 33% today, compared to my pay rise of 3.5%.

  Kevscar1 22:34 26 Sep 2008

Think yourself lucky. I'm self-employed. Had the Accountant round Wed night. Expected to have to approx £2500 by Jan 31st.
Got to find £4790 from somewhere.

  bluto1 23:08 26 Sep 2008

I've just woken up. What's this £60 all about?

  Stuartli 00:12 27 Sep 2008

Go back to sleep...:-)


click here

click here

  BT 08:27 27 Sep 2008

I don't get my pension till 6th of the month, so its wait and see at the moment. I did however get a nice surprise last month when I got a Council Tax rebate from the council where I used to live more than 3 years ago. The Council Tax Band of place I used to own had been reduced from C to B and I got a refund of all the tax overpaid from when Council Tax was introduced, a cheque for £1229. Very Nice!

  CurlyWhirly 21:32 28 Sep 2008

I haven't had my £60 tax rebate and so I phoned the Tax Office and they said that there was a problem with my details - they thought that I had 2 jobs!

It's now sorted and I should be getting my £60 rebate within the next 3 weeks.

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