DID "YOU" ever do it..? BreakDancing

  Nibblerman 16:58 29 Aug 2008

Blast from the past here, I was 13 in 1984 & i think that was the best time in my life i was involved in a Breakdancing circut where we took a large piece of "LINO" in the street & a boombox/ghetto blaster & spent hours excersising & having a great time without breaking the law...seems today the kids dont have this option seen as things have moved on BUT its not dead there is still a strong presence on the street you just need to look for it...heres what its all about WAS YOU THERE DID YOU DO IT!!

click here


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  newman35 18:09 29 Aug 2008

In my day we all did 'break dancing' - every time the band stopped playing we had a break (at which point you had but a few seconds to find out if your partner fancied 'a bit of air' outside!!!).
Happy times, indeed.

  Bingalau 19:40 29 Aug 2008

I do a bit of line dancing. But have never heard of the legendary "White Lines"...

  interzone55 20:48 29 Aug 2008

I must say I envied the break dancers, but my dancing style used to break things, like glasses and furniture.

But this brings back nice memories of days when urban music wasn't about popping a cap in someone's ass and calling your lady friend a bitch.

Here's another classic

click here

  Nibblerman 21:06 29 Aug 2008

Oh guys the breakdancing was a "Art" in itself.. NEw York/ Bronx they had the best in the world back then..its also claimed that James Brown started it all off...never asked him & its too late..
the Graffiti was out of this world that came with breakdancing again a "Art" but many people dissagree that have/had to pay for the clean up proccess..shame realy..

  Chegs ®™ 17:54 30 Aug 2008

My recollections of this form of dancing was,trying to leap/spin/kick etc in a nightclub was likely to injure another dancer and usually resulted in the dancer being ejected from the club.I was rarely sober enough to manage much more than bending my arm in time to the music(to consume more of my drink)

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