did you bag a black friday bargain.

  KEITH 1955 12:50 24 Nov 2018

In recent years lots of retailers have been caught out by pre Friday price increases so they can offer so called bargains on the Friday. This year some of my workmates set ourselves a task. We made notes on the prices of various items that we intended to buy on bargain day. Below is a few of our findings.

My target was 2 sets of peter kay collection dvd's , For the 2 weeks up to Friday the place I intended buying them from never changed the price I never got a bargin offer.

Somebody else was told in a well known shop you wont beat the price of that pc , my pal said that's false advertising because nobody else sells that brand.

A well known clothes shop showed original price tickets on items HIGHER than they had ever been sold to convince you that you were getting a bargain.

Whilst I have to say that we did find some genuine bargains we have seen lots of same price items or false deals.

A local car dealership is/was offering £4,500 off cars with certain colours , its actually a crafty way to get rid of surplus stock. Car dealers MUST take a given number of cars per month from the manufacturers then its up to the garage to decide how to market them.

My final example really surprised me.... My local supermarket put UP the prices of all new cd's and dvd's . The cd's and dvd's that have been around a while would normally be £7 , they were and still are £12.

  martd7 12:53 24 Nov 2018

Note the smallprint on the tv ads that say the items been on sale for a higher price for 30 days then they lower the price to make it look like your saving money

  KEITH 1955 13:08 24 Nov 2018

yes you are right about the 30 day thing , a certain store has been caught out so many times them must now say in what branch the previous was

  Menzie 13:12 24 Nov 2018

I was hoping for a bargain on the Yamaha subwoofer I got earlier in the year. Unfortunately the price I paid in the middle of the year has never been repeated and still isn't, so my home theatre will remain with a single subwoofer for now.

My home theatre receiver claims to be 40% off the recommended retail price, however it has sold for that price for as long as I can remember.

In the end I didn't need anything so apart from a game I've been waiting for to fall below the $20 mark on Steam (got it for $12). My Black Friday has been quiet.

Next is Cyber Monday.

  wee eddie 14:33 24 Nov 2018

I may have misunderstood something but, the nature of a Subwoofer is that you only need one in a room

  Quickbeam 15:46 24 Nov 2018

I'm just contemplating the Corel Painshop Pro 2019 upgrade at 40% off.

  Menzie 15:47 24 Nov 2018

It used to be the case that you would have one subwoofer but not any more. In fact those 5.2 or 7.2 channel receivers now have an extra line out for a subwoofer.

It helps to fill a room with more even effortless bass, it also increases the listening points and helps to have bass sound more integrated with the other audio when tuned properly than a single subwoofer setup.

A look at some of the benefits of a dual subwoofer system can be found here.

  wee eddie 17:36 24 Nov 2018

Menzies and, I assume, give the Retailer more money. It strikes me that this is just a mechanism to persuade people with too much money to spend it.

Why not buy Speakers with a a suitable woofer in the first place. A 12inch one should do the trick

  Laim Neeson 18:18 24 Nov 2018

It strikes me that this is just a mechanism to persuade people with too much money to spend it.

Exactly. Sounds like you have a bit of Green Eye.

  wee eddie 19:09 24 Nov 2018

Do you mean, a cynic, by any chance

  Menzie 20:25 24 Nov 2018

Wee Eddie - Once upon a time speakers with 12-inch drivers were plentiful and priced quite well.

Now floorstanding speakers sport 8" woofers mostly. My floorstanding for the fronts sport twin 8" woofers and a tweeter. The rears are bookshelf speakers which sport a 5.25" wooofer and tweeter each.

There are speakers with 12" drivers but they are up there in price now, at least where I am (I miss being in the UK and having Richer Sounds).

In the case of the subwoofer as good as modern designs are there is still a sweet spot for the bass. For me having two will help to increase the sweet spot. My living room is shaped quite oddly and before placing the subwoofer around until I found the current location it was worse than it is now.

While getting a single 12" will fill the room more it will still not be physically capable to do it the way a multi-sub setup would.

I've tuned the frequency response, phase, and all the channel levels.

It's not critical however and I'm happy to wait until the same sub goes at the price I got the current one for.

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