Did violent video games cause London riots?

  simonjary 11:03 09 Aug 2011

Is there any truth in a policeman's claim that violent games such as Grand Theft Auto cause riots like the ones we're seeing in London and other UK cities right now?

This is already being debated on games sites, and is sure to crop up in the speeches of politicians returning early from their summer holidays.

We'd like to know your thoughts on computer games and real-life violence.

  woodchip 13:41 09 Aug 2011

I think it contributes to the Problem, but cannot be fully blamed on them. but violence Be gets Violence

  lotvic 13:45 09 Aug 2011

Could be so. I remember that my childhood games of 'Cowboys and Indians' and other games were inspired/enhanced by the films on TV, comics and books. After all that is the media designed to stimulate the imagination.

  interzone55 13:59 09 Aug 2011

Utter tosh

The current level of lawlessness is caused by a break down of society in certain parts of this country.

Children are left to fend for themselves by parents who are too stoned / drunk / bone idle to raise their kids.

These kids have terrorised estates for years without a care, because the justice system doesn't have any effective way to handle them.

All that's been needed for the current riots to start is a single catalyst. What that catalyst was I don't know, but I'm damn sure it wasn't a PS3 game.

After the riots started other groups have joined in, it looks like the squatter group who attached the Tesco in Bristol have kicked off again, and the lad who was shot and killed in Croydon last night is probably a targeted attack that'll be blamed on the riots. More scores will be settled in a similar manner before this dies down...

  Strawballs 14:04 09 Aug 2011

As kids we used to watch Tom and Jerry but we did not go around trying to slam others in doors/windows drop bowling balls on them etc etc etc.

  Quickbeam 14:48 09 Aug 2011

I blame Waddington's for not increasing the value of the real estate on Monopoly boards over the years. In creating a totally disenfranchised technology greedy modern generation that can't cope with the previous halcyon generations thriftiness and low, but carefree life expectations, they are to blame.

What? That's no more ridiculous that the Grand Theft Auto theory!

They're just louts, get some of the strongarm police tactics in operation that I saw used during the great miners's strike, we'll get over the shock of a few getting over the top, heat of the minute baton charges. And then life will but go on.

  Joseph Kerr 15:06 09 Aug 2011

No they did not. Case closed.

  donki 15:16 09 Aug 2011


You speak the truth my friend its just a shame that no one really seems to see how bad it has gotten in some areas. The old police and government statments of "crime rates are down" is all they seem to care about, the stats driven government are happy to sit with rose tinted specticles on.

After the riots with the banks and students it was only a matter of time before more riots broke out on a larger scale. There was't any huge or major consiquence for the majority of peopel that took part in these riots, so why would other rioters be put off? The looting soon followed fueled by nothing more than greed and a lack of respect for their community and the law.

The police, and I dont balme the individuals on the front line, sit back without equiping their staff with even the basic tools to try and stop what has went on over the past 3 nights and it will continue to happen until something is done.

To say this is due to poor people feeling hard done by is absolue rubbish nothign but a bleeding heart would listen to or believe. People in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are having it just as tough but this sort of behaviour so far hasn't occured there.

  spuds 15:43 09 Aug 2011

There was a program on television the other evening about Super Heroes. After seeing that program you tend to realise that some might consider a pc game or a magazine read is how the world is run or should be?.

One particular person, whose day job was a financial advisor, went out in the evening dressed as a gladiator. Another person (an ex soldier) went out dressed as a ninja. Both supposedly combating crimes in their areas, yet nothing to prove it. There were other examples in the program, and I would perhaps suspect this is only a tip on the iceberg for some persons fantasy .

So back to the original question " Did violent games cause London riots". I doubt it, but society the way it is today may well have?.

  Aitchbee 16:46 09 Aug 2011

I suspect a lot of the younger policemen and women play a lot of these so called violent games to relax. But what does that prove?

  daz60 16:47 09 Aug 2011

Violence has been part and parcel of the human experience,without it our species may never have survived.This is not to condone nor excuse but that canard of movies/games influencing the riots should be discarded.There are so many factors involved,personal gain being the main one.

My reading of history suggests that in times of stress societies/"civilisations" turn on themselves when being unable to confront a 'perceived' enemy.

Do the believers really think that the gangster movies of the 20's 30's 40's gave rise to to the "Mafiosa",or were fertile territory for the World and ensuing Wars.

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