Did ET make a fleeting visit last night?

  jack 17:59 22 Jun 2010

or was it an encounter with of the third kind?

I was awoken from my slumber with deeeeep throbbing of heavy engines, flashing lights. amber and blue,
I struggled to disentangle my self from the duvet and nervously peeked out the window.
There right out side my house a huge fire appliance,
further back another, a smaller vehicle with lights aflash people wandering around- the folk immediately opposite[New not yet made an acquaintance] me were standing at their front door in their night cloths.
No sign of conflagration, no connecting of hoses or rattling of ladders.
Got back to bed, buried my self into the duvet,
Eventually all was quiet.
This morning telephone the neighbour I do know nearly opposite- and she knows everybody and everything -'What was that all about' said I
Dunno she said didn'hear a thing - though 'Hilda' phoned to ask [another neighbor outside who's home machine 2 was parked all of a throb]-She was of the opinion that it was 'Annie's' house-[my next door but one]- So asked my next door neighbour [between me an 'Annie']' Dunno she said - didn't hear a thing'
So a mystery indeed - but I guess we will get to know one day in next weeks free sheet probably

  sunnystaines 21:25 22 Jun 2010

why not just phone the fire dept.

google fire hq for you county to get the non urgent phone number.

now when they give the same reply as hilda its then time to worry.

  peter99co 22:27 22 Jun 2010

Maybe you should find out how strong their Horlicks is if they can sleep sounder than you.

  jack 10:43 23 Jun 2010

Maybe you should find out how strong their Horlicks is if they can sleep sounder than you.

Or what they put in it more like ;-}

  Chegs ®™ 11:02 23 Jun 2010

We regularly get similar happenings in our street.I can now sleep through it,and gave up wondering what it was all about.It started a few years ago when a neighbours ex-partner decided to firebomb her house,a car & another neighbours house for "chasing the firebomber" when he returned to firebomb another car.

  Seth Haniel 11:37 23 Jun 2010

it's you that lives in the quiet street :)

  Quickbeam 11:52 23 Jun 2010

Yes, here's the proof click here

  HondaMan 14:33 23 Jun 2010

"Sorry Sir, can't tell you, it's against the Data Protection Act", or "It's a breach of S.44 of the Terrorist Act"

These two acts seem to give everyone in authority a shield behind which to hide!

  dukeboxhero 15:06 23 Jun 2010

jack I blame it on to much toasted cheese before bed,last night i woke up thinking my wife had bought me a dozen cans of Stella,and that was after only one slice!!!!!!

  jack 16:05 23 Jun 2010

and the mystery deepens
No one in the vicinity put out a call.

However on the corner of the adjacent road is a fire hydrant.
Now in the past an appliance has turned up during the day on a training mission- showing new crew where they are perhaps.
But at 2 in the morning -Come on guys

  sunnystaines 16:45 23 Jun 2010

just put down to your tablets.

if you do not take any, perhaps you should.

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