Did Dr Kelly commit suicide?

  JanetO 14:10 09 Jun 2011

The request from eminant doctors to hold a proper enquiry have been turned down by the Attorney General:


  mole44 14:21 09 Jun 2011

We don`t know is the answer but i can sure smell cow dung on this case,nothing to hide then hold an open enquiry,if no enquiry then you must like me make your own mind up.

  Cymro. 14:22 09 Jun 2011

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Personally I think he did commit suicide but an inquiry would be a very good thing. It might even help stop all the conspiracies that are sure to follow these sort of things.

  interzone55 14:23 09 Jun 2011

It's not in the Government's interest to allow an enquiry into Dr Kelly's death.

If he committed suicide it shows that he was remorseful over bowing to pressure and basically lying in a report that lead the country into war

If he was murdered it was most likely to stop him from talking

Neither outcome looks good...

  wee eddie 14:46 09 Jun 2011

We need another Shakespear

  Cymro. 15:02 09 Jun 2011

wee eddie "We need another Shakespeare" Perhaps so, but there are people who say that it was not Shakespeare who wrote all that stuff. But that is another conspiracy theory.

  proudfoot 15:29 09 Jun 2011

If Dr Kelly did commit suicide which I for one do not think he did it was because he was about to be dismissed from his civil service post. He was a sick man and he was much older than his wife and obviousy was thinking of her financial future should he die. A civil servant who is dismissed loses his accrued pension and gratuity, but if he dies in service as he did a portion of his pension and gratuity is paid to his spouse. Personnaly I think there are too many unanswered questions surrounding the location and manner of his death as has been quoted previously it is not in any government's interest to get these murky secrets out in the open for all to see.

  Cymro. 15:50 09 Jun 2011

st-clares "it is not in any government's interest to get these murky secrets out in the open for all to see". If he was murdered on the orders of someone connected with the government of the day they would have made a better job of it. They would have done it in such a way that there would be no room for suspicion or doubt. We may think that government agencies such as MI5 are a load of bumbling idiots that get everything they do wrong but that is not the way of it in the real world.

  proudfoot 16:09 09 Jun 2011

I did not say directly the government were involved but it wouldn't be the first time the security services have bungled an operation. I cant give any instances at the moment other than the "Buster Crabbe" incident in Portsmouth harbour in the 1950s. I am old enough being in my teens to remember the Hoo Haa and international incident that caused. Even MI5 & 6 like all organisations are not infallible and make mistakes.

  Cymro. 16:13 09 Jun 2011

st-claresEven MI5 & 6 like all organisations are not infallible and make mistakes.strong text

Well they must have made a right mess of things this time then!

  proudfoot 16:38 09 Jun 2011

Well an inquest might solve the problem if every witness was allowed to tell the truth surrounding the circustances of what was discovered at the scene of his death and after at the postmortem. There ar many experts more qualified than me who have their concerns that some of the disclosed evidence does not add up.

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