Did anybody watch "The Pregnant Man" on TV?

  Chegs ®™ 14:16 14 Dec 2008

I did.I was expecting to be told about some wonderous medical procedure that enabled a man to carry the baby,and instead was disappointed to learn that the man was infact a female that had legally changed gender to male.There are some pretty disturbing scenes during the program(Youtube videos,etc)and the couple are subjected to death threats.The program ends by stating that Thomas is planning on having a second child.

I had a think about the program,and in my opinion if a woman legally changes their gender then surely becoming pregnant and having children would mean that the legal status of man should revert to woman?

  €dstowe 14:39 14 Dec 2008

Just another example of the growing trend of freak show television.

Have we really not progressed any further than the Victorian voyeuristic travelling carnivals/circuses?

Apart from my dislike of showing slightly out of the ordinary humans and animals in this way, there is now idea in most "documentary" programmes nowadays that the audience is incapable of retaining any imparted information for more than a couple of minutes so there is a synopsis at every ad break of the previous sections of the broadcast.

No - keep it as far as I'm concerned. I find I'm watching less and less television. My normal evening viewing is (sometimes) the Simpson's at 6 pm then Channel 4 news at 7 (skipping Hollyoaks) and that's usually it. Saturday I will watch Harry Hill's TV Burp to check up on what rubbish I've missed.

  Geronimo. 14:52 14 Dec 2008

Ive got gay friends & they have friends from all types of gender's but i belive this woman & i say that cause she is still a woman is a bit freaky..i watched about 20 mins of it & it was when she started to show the camera photos of when she used to model did i turn it off...

  ulrich 19:15 14 Dec 2008

Anyone even think of watching such a programme?

I am sick to death of the rubbish on the tv now.

  AL47 20:42 14 Dec 2008

i caught the very end of it, i will watch this stuff, but glad i didnt see this cause yeah, he wasnt biologically a man origanally, misleading title

  tullie 21:17 14 Dec 2008

Has this just appeared on tv?I ask because its an old story.

  Stuartli 23:23 14 Dec 2008

Some of us have somewhat more important things to do, such as putting the non-recyclable bin out...

  [email protected] 00:11 15 Dec 2008

I too think the whole attention 'it' is getting is way over the top. It's being made out as if it is actually a man, when in fact it's biologically a female and therefore there is nothing unusual about the fact that it's pregnant.

€dstowe, I always assumed that the recaps after the breaks were for people that have tuned in half way through the program. I have found them useful many a time.

  mrwoowoo 00:19 15 Dec 2008

I think this person is mentally unstable.
She changed her Gender to a man and then goes and has children.Either he/she wants/needs to be a man or doesn't.
People who have a sex change do so because they feel that they or trapped in the body of an opposite gender.Why has she done it?
Talk about having your cake and eating it.

  Chegs ®™ 00:48 15 Dec 2008

I agree,TV content is often utter rubbish and this particular program shouldnt have ever been aired.The title was particularly misleading,but to title it correctly as "partial sex change woman has baby" wouldnt have the same impact,and certainly wouldnt have all the "red blooded americans" screaming hysterically at the camera for uploading to youtube.

[email protected],referring to any human being as an "it" is going to cause offence.

So far,only mrwoowoo has mentioned anything to do with my question/opinion.I asked for responses to his/her legal gender status,legally Thomas is a man but by becoming pregnant (not just once but twice) surely this proves that no matter what the law says this persons gender,they are still a woman.

tullie,I hadnt heard this story before and as far as I know its not been on british TV before now.

  €dstowe 07:42 15 Dec 2008

I'm not convinced. Anyone intent on watching a programme like this would either watch the whole thing or record it for later viewing.

The real idea behind these constant recapitulations is to stretch a 30 minute programme to fill an hour time slot.

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