Diana Crash Car: Owner Wants £1m for car..

  hijo 12:55 04 Dec 2006

whats your views is he been dissrespectfull or greedy or would you try to sell it & make a mint...!!!

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  rezeeg 15:00 04 Dec 2006

hijo if some sicko wants to buy it, I would sell (if it were mine).

  The Brigadier 15:13 04 Dec 2006

just goes to show there is always one sicko out to make a few £££.

  rezeeg 15:19 04 Dec 2006

The Brigadier to me it's just a wrecked car.

  Sapins 15:22 04 Dec 2006

If people want to pay to see this what makes it different from Madame Tussuad's?

  The Brigadier 15:24 04 Dec 2006

But a wrecked car that people died in!
What next Harrods having it on display?

Crush it, bury it, then forget it!!

  Stuartli 16:12 04 Dec 2006

Both buyer and seller would deserve utter contempt.

  rezeeg 16:15 04 Dec 2006

People die in car crashes every day - are all those cars crushed?

  rezeeg 16:28 04 Dec 2006

Stuartli my brother died in a car crash - we sold the car and his young wife and baby benefited by about £10,000.

I suppose we all deserve your contempt!

  [email protected] 16:44 04 Dec 2006

What utter nonsense.

  Forum Editor 16:57 04 Dec 2006

has been offered a 'write-off' settlement by the insurers, and if he accepted that offer the vehcle would become the property of the insurers. They would normally sell such a vehicle to a spares dealer, or crush it for scrap.

We're not however talking about a 'normal' write-off here, and I'm sure that if we're truly honest with ourselves we can see why this man is showing intgerest in getting his wreckage back - even though we might all condemn his motives on moral grounds. My personal view is that an attempt to make money in this way is distasteful in the extreme, but frankly Diana is dead - nothing's going to change that.

I suspect that some anonymous person (and I know who) might pay the £1 million and have the wreckage destroyed after the investigators have finished with it. That's what I would do in his place.

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