diagnosis your pc

  ayrmail 21:06 09 Jun 2006

A while back a thread had a link to “pc pit stop” click here which tests your pc and diagnoses faults “Allegedly” Got an email from them to day re a “vista” readiness test so I thought I would see what it said.
It said pc had 1023mb
Min standard 512 PASSES
Recommended 1 GB Fail

Passed all other test but it recommended that I upgraded my pc before installing vista for the minimum and recommended standard.Seemed unlikly to me as I passed there tests even though thought it faild the memory test.

My PCs at work are sometimes worked on remotely but this is generally by an engineer rather than software.

Can you reliably use software to diagnose faults with PCs; programs like CC appear to me to simply suggest you delete broken links?

|I don’t wish to tinker with something that isn’t broken and the site I spoke of while the diagnosis is free it seems to be a vehicle to sell software although some of the advice seemed sensible.

  Diemmess 18:01 10 Jun 2006

Cliches like "You get what you pay for" and
"If it ain't broke don't fix it" immediately come to mind.

You seem to have answered your own question in most aspects.
Intelligent use of the answers you get from some software may help you to decide if the highlighted matter is a problem or not.

Diagnosis is one thing and there are many good(free) programs which will tell you things about your computer which otherwise are difficult to find.

Software to repair of systems - particularly if damaged through some hardware flaw, is not only possible but is used by many repair shops to save them time when rehabilitating a thorougly messed up PC.

Such software comes at a price to the repair outfit and while it allows rapid repair of really difficult situations it is only worth buying if the user expects to be doing a lot with it for a suitable fee.
A bit like the sort of computerised diagnosis kit that franchised garages have to buy to be able to find a way through the engine management and other problems which hit today's cars sooner or later

  folder4mags 17:45 11 Jun 2006

I never use these sorts of software, always biased towards the vendor who is trying to sell you something. You can download free benchmark software that tells you what parts of your pc need upgrading/updating.

I did try some software the other day which a client who's pc i'm working on has been offered a free 90 day trial. It stated that i did not have enough ram, well of course it's true, i only have 2GB (2x1GB). The software CD is now being used as a coaster!!

  sunny staines 17:48 11 Jun 2006

found pcpitstop ok

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