DHL Takeover

  morddwyd 08:14 08 Mar 2010

DHL, who from time to time have figured in these pages, have been taken over by HDML.

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Hope it will be an improvement.

As I've said before, they (DHL) are the only courier company dropping to me who refuse to consider special arrangements for disability.

  interzone55 10:57 08 Mar 2010

Home Delivery Network used to be Business Express, who used to be the UK franchise for Fed Ex.

They're actually the delivery wing of Littlewoods catalogue, so I wouldn't be too sure of this being an improvement

  jack 13:26 08 Mar 2010

which used to be White Arrow - - did it not?

But this 'tie up' must have been in the offing for some time
I have had parcel delivered by a lady in her car- presumably- Home delivery- she also delivered John William stuff- turn up with a parcel from I think Novatech plastered with a DHL label.

So I suspect there is a a shed somewhere where all sorts of parcel of a certain category[slower?] from various carriers wind up for local distribution by HDML

  interzone55 13:46 08 Mar 2010

White Arrow was Great Universal if memory serves, or maybe it was JD Williams, but it wasn't Littlewoods

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