Detox diet & body changes?

  Autoschediastic 15:00 05 Jun 2011

Good afternoon folks,

I have decided a few weeks ago to stop having my couple of drink nights at home and go tee total for a while and in the same breathe change my diet completely, i am overweight by about four stone so it was overdue!

today i dont want to sound gross but my wife and son have noticed i stink! i shower on a daily basis so i dont know what it is? the foods i have been eating are much simpler and with as much fruit/veg as poss with almost zero yeast products and no sugars, i understand this is a big change and in the last few weeks ive lost almost 3 quarters of a stone!

It does take Discipline and determination and i have now overcome the major urge to binge on junk, I am just intrested how the body smells like armpits and various others (Excuse the grossness) change? is this due to food ive been eating before was too saturated in fats and chemicals?


  Forum Editor 15:21 05 Jun 2011

Nobody here is qualified to advise you about your specific diet. If you are grossly overweight (and four stones certainly qualifies as that) you should never embark on a major dietary change without first consulting your doctor. Your heart, liver, and kidneys are all affected by rapid weight loss, and serious health problems can ensue.

You obviously need to lose the weight, but you should be doing it in a controlled and supervised way. See your doctor as soon as possible.

  Autoschediastic 15:43 05 Jun 2011

Thankyou FE i did forget to mention that my doc asked me and advised me to loose weight and what to do, so ive had direction thanks once again.

  wiz-king 15:46 05 Jun 2011

Your body odour is mostly caused by the bacterial on the skin eating the sweat and producing fatty acids. If you change their food they get indigestion and produce different waste products. Until your skins bacteria get used to the new diet some will thrive and some will not so your odour will change. Some foods can go into the system and get excreted by the sweat glands and cause diet related body odour eg the sulphur compounds in onions.

Many years ago the American army was working on an odour conntrolled bomb which could be triggered by the distinctive body odour of people caused by their diet - so dont go picking up packages with US Army on them!

  Forum Editor 16:03 05 Jun 2011

Thanks for the update.

It's important to understand that any major dietary change is going to affect the way your body functions. Your internal organs will adjust to changes in your fat and mineral intake, and you will feel different. You'll feel much better as the weight comes off.

  sunnystaines 16:23 05 Jun 2011

keep to as much fresh fruit/veg as possible, do your best to avoid junk/processed food and restaurant meals

  Forum Editor 17:08 05 Jun 2011

Everything in moderation. Eating too much fruit can cause problems, and a diet of nothing but fruit and vegetables would soon have you in trouble.

As for avoiding restaurant meals, there can be no good reason to do that.

I'm sure your doctor has provided you with some good basic advice,

  wee eddie 20:43 05 Jun 2011

I have, recently, been diagnosed as a Type 2 Diabetic and been advised to reduce my consumption of Fruit.

The best advice I was ever given, diet wise ~ that is, was to reduce my consumption of Ready Meals and start making the dishes for myself.

  wee eddie 20:44 05 Jun 2011


Should your breath start smelling of Pear Drops, a visit to the Doctor is a necessity.

  Autoschediastic 22:32 05 Jun 2011

Thanks guys to all of you!

Yes i really do appreciate your time to reply. i dont overdo the fruit/veg thing its all in moderation, what i have cut down on or stopped is:

sweets fried foods snack attacks (wanting a bite to eat) drinking tea/coffee no sugar in my porrage oats that i eat every morning using semi skimmed milk not Blue tops eating much less amounts when having a meal and not piling the plate up hardly eating any yeast products like bread no beer (a must!) longer times between meals Someone mentioned that i would feel better? i think it was FE? well i have to say im the kinda person who is touching 40 and would wake up around 8am then by lunch i would be burnt out? now im banging for it! (Sorry for the vocabulary) im so much more full of energy! and when i asked a professional in the field they told me i felt sluggish/lethargic due to the toxins in the food i was taking on board! whereas now ive chaged that my gut has time to breakdown the foods instead of being rammed with mounds more of food...

  wee eddie 03:49 06 Jun 2011

Some weird ideas there.

These are just ideas on how to build up an Eating Plan. Firstly: Ditch the word Diet, it is distracting and dangerous. What Diet means to you and I is not what Diet means to the Doctor.

Eat less but eat regularly, a small meal every 3 to 4 hours is a useful target to set or, eat something small every 2 hours is another route one could take.

Your body needs carbohydrates, so do not cut out bread, pasta and spuds, just reduce the quantities.

Your body needs fats, however you can reduce the Animal fats in your eating plan to almost zero, but you must then substitute unsaturated, or poly-unsaturated, oils and spreads.

There's nothing wrong with small amounts of sugar, but you need to be very wary of hidden sugars in processed foods. e.g. Ready meals and tinned stuff.

You need to be aware of the quantity of salt that you consume but do not cut it out as your body needs salt to function properly, a little less in the cold weather.

There was a "High Protein Diet" going the rounds (Atkinson, I think it was called) that made its adherents smell nasty. It's a total waste of time, although you will loose some weight, you will also become ill.

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