Detail accuracy on TV programmes.

  flycatcher1 23:27 12 Mar 2016

I realise that I can be a pedant on this subject but why do TV Producers make little effort to get military details right on TV Programmes.

My wife is hooked on "Call the Midwife", not my scene but I glanced up during the last epoisode and saw a Police Sergeant with his WW2 Medals in the wrong order. Victory Medal, Defence Medal and then the 1939-45 Star.

A friend of mine complained to a TV Producer that a DFC was incorrectly portrayed. The petulant TV man asked how he knew - Ken said "Because I have one"!

My Medals are always in the right order, after 40 years I only received one and that came up with the rations.

  flycatcher1 22:52 04 Apr 2016

Thanks JB Apart from the odd reaction from some of the medication and the tiredness I have felt perfectly OK. I have the greatest respect for you, and others, who have faced great medical problems with resolve and spirit. Compared with you I feel a bit of a fraud but at least I have has an early warning.

I bet your medals are in the right order !

  morddwyd 08:57 05 Apr 2016

"the reduction in salt is difficult, there seems to be so much in the hot foods I do like."

To be serious, the statins, which I presume you are on, do a pretty good job for me, and I still manage the occasional cheese on toast, bacon buttie (grilled) or kipper! Ditch the frying pan except for eggs.

Try the low salt substitutes, if you are potassium tolerant, or use pure sea salt which is much "saltier" and can be used very sparingly for some decent flavour enhancement. However, you, or whoever does your shopping, is condemned to reading the small print on food packaging from now on!

  wee eddie 11:55 05 Apr 2016

I am not preaching DIY Cooking but, if you cook it yourself, there is almost no way that you can put as much salt, or sugar, into a dish as a manufacturer does. They put salt in to heighten the flavour, lost in the manufacturing process, and then add sugar to stop it tasting salty.

To reduce salt in you diet, clear everything out of the kitchen cupboard except tinned chopped tomatoes and get a stick blender. That is perhaps a trifle extreme but is the essence of sorting ones life.

  BT 12:22 05 Apr 2016

..except tinned chopped tomatoes and .. a stick blender

The basis of an excellent Spicy Tomato soup with the addition of a few onions,carrots, celery etc. Vegetable stock (not OXO - too salty) and a little Sweet Chilli sauce and smoked Paprika, and finished with a splash of Milk and Balsamic Vinegar. Made some for me and the Boss yesterday.

  Forum Editor 16:44 05 Apr 2016

I gave up adding salt to anything (with one exception - read on) several years ago, when my wife decided to do it. I was surprised at how rapidly I became accustomed to not adding salt to food, and how suddenly I realised just how much salt is added to processed food.

Now, if I go out for a meal with friends I find that some dishes are almost unacceptably salty - the same things to which I would have added salt, back in the day.

  flycatcher1 19:51 05 Apr 2016

Thank you for your useful comments - appreciated. We have not had salt on the table for some time and do not add more than a couple of grains to cooking but, as was mentioned, the amount of salt in ready meals is remarkable and needs action. I found a small suchi and it had 5.6 g of salt so I looked at another and it had the same figure - but fat. Reading the small print has been in operation for some time but will continue with more care. Liked the tomato recipe and home cooking really is best !

  flycatcher1 20:33 05 Apr 2016

About Statins, I took them for some time and my Cholesterol went from 4.9 to 3.7 but the side effects were diabolical. I stopped them, after medical advice, and the problems disappeared in a week. I should have been offered another sort of the drug and maybe, just maybe, it would have been a good thing. I have had some problems with my current Statin but things have settled down and I feel that I can cope.

  wee eddie 22:01 05 Apr 2016

Don't give up salt altogether. Your body cannot function without a certain amount. What you don't need is the 6 teaspoons of salt that Heinz add to a tin of tomato soup.

But if you're making tomato soup yourself, a pinch of salt is good for your essential daily intake.

Also, while we're at it, don't give up fat altogether. There are a number of essential nutrients that will not enter your body without the aid of a little fat. Not a lot, but it's essential.

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