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  Mike D 11:44 09 Nov 2009

If this is the company that we've all read about, I am more thatn a little surprised that there is an advert in the right hand pane of the PCS sit under "ads by Google"

  tullie 12:19 09 Nov 2009

I havent got that ad on my page.

  OTT_Buzzard 12:33 09 Nov 2009

As far as I'm aware, I don't think PCA get any choice as to what ads appear. They're controlled by a Google Ad Server based on the content of the page.

  birdface 12:56 09 Nov 2009

The only add I have on the right hand side is for Broadband Choices.

  Mike D 14:38 09 Nov 2009

I think the ads cycle as you log in and out of PCA.
I guess you're right about PCA having no control over what ads appear, however, I bet a certain gentleman is laughing up his sleeve to be able to advertise on his nemesis' site!

  birdface 14:48 09 Nov 2009

Use IE7pro add-on if using XP.make sure Ad-blocker is ticked and Mini Download manager is unticked that should remove them.

  Quiller. 19:23 09 Nov 2009

"Use IE7pro add-on if using XP.make sure Ad-blocker is ticked and Mini Download manager is unticked that should remove them."

Bit pointless having adds on the site if everyone blocks them. I don't mind the odd one popping up or clicking on a few of them.

  birdface 19:58 09 Nov 2009

Brilliant I am glad you like adverts most of us don't.
He is obviously having problems and by the sounds of things not from PCA.
I would imagine a high majority of users either use IE7pro add-on on I/explorer or Super Ad-blocker on Firefox.
How would you have tried to help him.

  Quiller. 20:21 09 Nov 2009

Why. whats the problem?

"that there is an advert in the right hand pane"

Whats wrong with that. I see it that he is not to happy with the type of add in the right hand pane.

If it was a problem surly it would be posted in the


It's just a comment about the add.

and if the likes of you keep bleeting to use an add blocker. Maybee those who pay for the adverts will see this and withdraw funding or because they get no hits from the site decide to withdraw funding. that could mean no PCA site.

  birdface 21:24 09 Nov 2009

[Why. whats the problem.]
None but you seem to be trying to make one.
If the FE wants to warn me about anything that is fair enough but I don't need the likes of you butting in to something that does not concern you.
If you want to help anyone carry on, if you don't go away.
This is someones thread that needed help and should not be used for a slanging match.

  Mike D 22:10 09 Nov 2009

Just to come back to this, I was merely pointing out that the ad was for a company that has been the source of a lot of grief to some forum members and I was surprised to see it there. Now I realise that PCA has no control over what Google choose to show there, fine, that's why I ticked this as resolved.

I wasn't complaining that there are ads on the site, I do realise that the site has to be paid for somehow, and if I choose can use an ad blocker.

Good night all.

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