Desk lamp going mental,

  wolfie3000 22:06 17 Mar 2010

My desk lamp started to day to flicker constantly, im guessing its the bulb but am not sure where to buy one and how to replace it.

So any ideas?

Heres a video explaining more of my problem.

click here

  MAJ 22:14 17 Mar 2010

It looks like a fluorescent tube? Is there a starter in it? If so, it might be the starter that is failing.

  peter99co 22:21 17 Mar 2010
  peter99co 22:24 17 Mar 2010

Its a U Tube (might be low voltage.)

I have a version in a camping lantern that is 12v

Starter circuit not working?

  wolfie3000 22:25 17 Mar 2010

Checked for a starter and cant see one anywhere on it, so might be internal.

As for the links thanks but no luck, i bought the lamp from Amazon but don't seem to carry it now.

  wolfie3000 22:26 17 Mar 2010

I hope not Peter, means chucking the lamp.
But if i must then i will have to throw it.

  wee eddie 23:35 17 Mar 2010

at the point where the glass joins the fitting, then the tube needs replacing, if not, then it is a new Starter that you need.

  six-h 23:39 17 Mar 2010

This might be the type of lamp you need click here where the ballast is incorporated into the base rather thatn in the actual light bulb.

The flickering you show on your link could indicate that either bulb or ballast have "expired", though the ballast unit should outlast many bulbs.
Bulb failure would normally be accompanied by blackening around the base of the tubes.

  BRYNIT 23:46 17 Mar 2010

It looks like the bulb has gone. Its difficult to see which bulb it is.

Usually they are just push in bulbs. This might be the one click here You could always take the lamp to Maplins someone may be able to help.

  wolfie3000 00:20 18 Mar 2010

Thanks BRYNIT for the link, tracked down a cheap replacement bulb.

click here

Im gonna buy it and if its not the bulb then its a new whole lamp :(

  [email protected] 00:20 18 Mar 2010

I had a similar looking lamp whose bulb needed replacing. I just took the current one out, and at the base it had "PL9W" stamped on it, so I found this click here ro replace it with

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