Derren Brown - An Evening of Wonders

  donki 00:21 12 Mar 2008

Just back from Belfast's Waterfront Hall seeing Mr Brown's new show. I have to say I found his performance absolutely amazing. I'm not a beliver of magic or mind reading but it is difficult to understand how he does what he does.

As well as puting on a good show he is an incredably funny and charasmatic man. I would highly recomend going and seeing him in action, its something out of the ordinary and very intertaining. I wont go into detail of his routine as i dont want to spoil it for anyone.

Anyone else seen his current show or any of his older ones? Any fans? Im sure on here of all places he has his critics.

  laurie53 09:09 12 Mar 2008

"As well as puting on a good show he is an incredably funny and charasmatic man."

Bit like his namesake, Gordon, then!

  spuds 11:33 12 Mar 2008

Never heard of the person. Any YouTube downloads available?.

  Shortstop 11:35 12 Mar 2008

Try this:

click here=

  Shortstop 11:36 12 Mar 2008

"Puds"? Damned wireless keyboard & typing too quick! lol

  donki 12:05 12 Mar 2008

Hes a channel 4 for guy, I,m in work at the minute so i cant post any clips from YouTube. I'll try and get some of his material up later.

  lisa02 12:09 12 Mar 2008
  Simsy 20:42 12 Mar 2008

about 3 years ago at one of the London WestEnd theatres.

Brilliant entertainment. I did "get" some of the tricks, but brilliantly performed nonetheless.



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