Denis Healey, A Giant of Post War Politics

  oresome 17:59 03 Oct 2015

Sad to see the passing of Denis Healey at the grand age of 95.

  Gordon Freeman 18:08 03 Oct 2015

...98 actually

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  oresome 18:10 03 Oct 2015

A correction to the above, he was 98.

He used to debate with Geoffrey Howe and once came out with the memorable comment that it was like being savaged by a dead sheep. A reference to Howe's mop of hair and delivery style.

Both men were of high intellect and there was a mutual respect behind the who ha.

  Matt. 19:06 03 Oct 2015
  Quickbeam 19:23 03 Oct 2015

I wonder if he felt deja vu with Corbyn's recent election as leader? There was a brief clip on the news of a past interview of him commenting on narrowly beating Tony Benn to deputy leader, "If Benn had won, the resulting far left party would have put the Tories into power for 30 years"...

He was also praised for staying with the Labour party to bring it back on course rather that defecting with the other big names to form the SDP.

And not forgetting that he and Harold Wilson made Mike Yarwood a very successful impersonator in the '70s!

  Ungus 19:28 03 Oct 2015

One of the last politicians who understood what it meant to fight in a war and why we should constantly strive to avoid conflicts. A sad loss to politics.

  Quickbeam 19:33 03 Oct 2015

Healey on Benn

I thought I could remember him talking about that period last year.

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  morddwyd 08:21 04 Oct 2015

Where is his like today?

I am not of his political persuasion, but his death emphasises the paucity of talent in today's House.

One of several who have lived to see those of inferior intellect move into No.10.

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